Texas leads the nation in the number of truck drivers it employs, with nearly 200,000 truckers calling Texas home. However, there is a nationwide truck driver shortage, and Texas is no exception. Experts estimate that there is a national shortage of about 80,000 truck operators, which is projected to increase to 160,000 by the end of the decade. 

What is Causing the Truck Driver Shortage in Texas?

One reason for the shortage in Texas is that a generation of truck drivers are reaching retirement age and leaving the workforce. Not enough potential truck operators are entering the industry to replace the number of people retiring. With the average age of truck drivers at 46, this problem is only expected to worsen in the next decade or two.

Another reason there is a truck driver shortage in Texas is that companies have trouble recruiting and retaining new employees. This is largely due to employee dissatisfaction with how they are paid, the grueling reality of the truck driver lifestyle, and health issues associated with that lifestyle. Some former truckers say that poor treatment by their employers was also a reason they left the profession.

How the Truck Driver Shortage Impacts You in Fort Worth, Texas

Truck drivers move around 72% of the country’s freight by weight. In fact, 82% of communities in Texas depend exclusively on trucks to receive the goods they need. The truck driver shortage can cause supply chain issues or contribute to higher prices for goods. But another key way it may impact your life is through the risks posed by overworked or overtired truck drivers.

The Risks of Overtired Truck Drivers in Texas

Driving while tired can be as risky as driving under the influence, no matter what types of vehicles are involved. Unfortunately, truck accidents can often cause serious injuries or fatalities. These collisions can lead to expensive medical costs, property damage, loss of earning capacity, and more.

Other Risks of the Truck Driver Shortage in Texas

Overworked or overtired truck drivers are not the only risks associated with the trucker shortage. The shortage and high demand for trucking in Texas can put a lot of pressure and strain on the trucking industry – and trucking companies in particular. This may contribute to other safety issues on the road.

First, if a trucking company is negligent in hiring a truck driver to fill its vacancies, that can lead to serious safety issues. Even if a company is not negligent in hiring, new or inexperienced truck drivers on the road can lead to more accidents.

Second, companies may oversize or overfill a load. These heavier loads can cause much more damage than other vehicle or truck accidents. 

Third, inadequate maintenance or defective truck equipment can lead to dangerous accidents. If you were involved in a truck accident, these issues might impact your personal injury case.

Keeping the Roads Safe in Texas During a Truck Driver Shortage

Fortunately, efforts are being made to recruit new truck drivers to address issues with retaining employees in the industry and to look at how aspects of the industry can be automated in the future. 

Also, state and federal regulations are designed to help prevent safety issues that can cause truck accidents. Texas has the ability to regulate many aspects of the trucking industry, including trucks that move solely within the state of Texas. 

The U.S. government can regulate aspects of the trucking industry that impact interstate commerce, such as moving goods from state to state. If you were in a truck accident, violations of these regulations might affect your truck accident case.

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