Generally, you can ride your bicycle on the sidewalk in Fort Worth, TX. Neither Texas state law nor Fort Worth local ordinances prohibit riding your bike on the sidewalk. 

Riding your bicycle on the sidewalk may feel like the safer option sometimes, as it offers greater distance from passing vehicles. Nonetheless, riding on the sidewalk can create additional risks and is not always the best choice. 

In most cases, you should ride your bicycle on the roadway (assuming there is a bike lane) with the flow of traffic – unless you’re walking your bicycle, which should be done on the sidewalk.

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Reasons To Avoid Riding Your Bicycle on the Sidewalk

The main consideration when deciding whether to ride on the sidewalk should always be safety. Accordingly, you should ride on the sidewalk if that is the safer option in the area where you are riding. If you do ride on the sidewalk, be mindful of the following:

Pedestrian Safety

If you choose to ride on the sidewalk instead of on the roadway, you must be aware of pedestrians. There are several steps you should take to be conscientious of pedestrians and avoid accidents.

  • Go slow. The sidewalk is not the place to cycle at a high speed
  • Generally, pass on the left and slow down when passing
  • Yield way to pedestrians
  • Use a bell or your voice to signal to pedestrians ahead of you that you will be passing
  • Dismount and walk your bike through crosswalks

Following these tips can go a long way toward preventing collisions. 

Motorist Awareness

A key reason cyclists may ride on a sidewalk instead of the roadway is that it feels less exposed to cars. But cycling on a sidewalk creates a risk that drivers will not see you. Cyclists move at a higher rate of speed than pedestrians. If you’re on the sidewalk, cars may not be expecting you there. If you do ride on a sidewalk, take the following steps to increase your safety:

  • Ride with the flow of traffic, whether traveling on the roadway or the sidewalk
  • Be vigilant at intersections and road crossings, and don’t assume cars will stop
  • If cycling at dark, where reflective clothing and use bicycle lights

When riding your bicycle, whether on the roadway or sidewalk, it’s best to err on the side of caution. 

Wear a Helmet

Whether you cycle on a sidewalk or on a roadway, wear a helmet. Head trauma is a common injury in bike accidents, and wearing a helmet can reduce the likelihood of head trauma by 50% or more. 

When You Should Ride on the Road

When there are well-designed bike lanes, this may reduce conflicts with pedestrians and increase visibility with cars. Some bike lanes have protective barriers that separate them from car traffic. Many bike lanes have visible bicycle symbols, which help increase visibility among motorists. 

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