Celebrities capture the public’s attention but not always because of their on-screen acting or performance on the playing field. Like any other person, celebrities are susceptible to injuries, including those sustained in a car crash.

Despite the popular perception of celebrities as people who engage in needlessly reckless behavior, not all car accidents involving celebrities are the star’s fault.

Ten of the most headline-grabbing and tragic car crashes involving celebrities include the following:

Tiger Woods

Golf legend Tiger Woods suffered injuries to his legs in a 2021 car wreck, nearly ending his golf career. Investigators determined that Woods was speeding when he crossed the opposing traffic lane before striking a tree.

Paul Walker

Fans of the “Fast & Furious” movie franchise were heartbroken when Walker was killed in a single-car accident in 2014

Walker was a passenger in a vehicle driven by his friend Roger Rodas. Rodas was driving at approximately 90 mph when he lost control of the vehicle, crashing into several utility poles and a tree. The car caught fire in the wreck, killing both Rodas and Walker.

Tracy Morgan

Comedian and actor Tracy Morgan suffered significant injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, in a truck accident that happened on the New Jersey Turnpike in 2014. Morgan was a passenger in a limo when that vehicle was struck by a Wal-Mart commercial truck. The truck driver had fallen asleep at the wheel, leading to the accident.

Gloria Estefan

A semi-truck also seriously injured music star Gloria Estefan. In 1990, her tour bus was hit by a commercial truck in Pennsylvania. Estefan broke her back in the crash, necessitating her to receive titanium rods and relearn how to walk.

Princess Diana

“The People’s Princess” died in a tragic car accident that resulted in an outpouring of grief from all corners of the world. Princess Diana, her partner Dodi Fayed, and the driver of her limo Henri Paul were all killed when the limo crashed while driving in Paris in 1997. To this day, rumors and conspiracy theories surround the crash.

Grace Kelly

In another fatal crash involving a princess and conspiracy theories, Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, died in a 1982 crash at the age of 52. Kelly was driving a vehicle that missed a turn and went through a retaining wall before plunging down a 120-foot slope, killing her. 

Ryan Dunn

A familiar face to fans of the “Jackass” franchise, Dunn was killed in 2011 when his car crashed through a guardrail and landed in a wooded area before catching fire. It was later determined that Dunn’s alcohol concentration was more than twice the legal limit of .08.

Arnold Schwarzeneggar

“The Gubernator” was involved in not one but two notable motorcycle wrecks, one in 2001 and the other in 2006. Although he hit his motorcycle windshield with his chest in 2001, the 2006 crash did not result in any serious injuries to Schwarzenegger or anyone else.

Lisa Lopes

Known better by her nickname, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes was one part of the ‘90s super-trio TLC. In 2002, she tried to pass a truck but lost control of her SUV. Her vehicle went into a ditch, striking two trees and rolling multiple times. Lopes was the only person in the crash to lose her life.

Niki Taylor

Model Niki Taylor suffered severe injuries and was in a coma for over a month after the car she was riding in crashed. Her driver lost control of the vehicle while trying to answer a cell phone call and hit a utility pole. Taylor required more than 50 surgeries to repair the damage she sustained in the crash.

Lessons To Learn From Celebrity Car Crashes

Car accidents can happen to anyone, and you can sustain harm even if you yourself are not being careless. Being alert and safety-minded is often the best way to prevent a crash from happening.

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