Car Accidents

Can I Get a Settlement for a Weatherford Car Accident Without a Lawyer?

Strictly speaking, you do not need a lawyer to recover a settlement after a car accident in Weatherford, TX. However, it’s important to carefully consider the decision to handle your own claim.  Pursuing a settlement on your own may be a good decision if your accident involves only property damage. There are many cases in… read more

Who Causes More Car Accidents: Men or Women?

It is a debate almost as old as the car itself. Who is more dangerous behind the wheel — men or women? Men typically point to women and vice versa. But what do the statistics say? Women Cause Fewer Fatal Car Crashes Than Men The most important statistic, as reported by the Insurance Institute for… read more

What Happens if No One Was at Fault for My Fort Worth Car Accident?

Car accidents continue to be one of the most common causes of unintentional injuries and deaths. In 2022, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) reported 555,229 traffic accidents. On average, a person died every two hours that year, and someone was injured every two minutes.  Many car accidents occur because of negligence. One or both… read more

Why Is Physical Therapy Necessary After a Car Accident?

After a car accident, you may be left with muscle strains and sprains, soreness, reduced range of motion, and weakness. Physical therapy (PT) helps your body relearn how to move the way it should. Over time, it helps strengthen muscles, improve mobility, and alleviate pain.  Physical therapists use various targeted treatments and techniques to safely… read more

What Happens When an Unlicensed Driver Causes A Car Accident?

Driving without a license is a significant legal issue. The consequences become even more severe when an unlicensed driver causes a car accident in Fort Worth, TX. For victims of unlicensed drivers, it is important to understand what the legal implications may be.  An experienced car accident attorney can help you understand what happens when… read more

How Much Compensation Can a Passenger Get After a Car Accident in Fort Worth, TX?

Car accidents are often traumatic experiences. Passengers involved in such accidents can suffer from serious injuries and emotional distress. In Texas, liability insurance is required. Understanding the basics of personal injury claims is important to determine the potential compensation after a car accident.  What Is Liability Insurance? In simple terms, liability insurance is a safety… read more

What Is the Likelihood I Will Experience a Car Accident in Fort Worth?

The City of Fort Worth, Texas, keeps extensive car accident data. According to that information, roughly 12,000 car accidents occurred in 2020, and that number has been consistently rising at a rate of roughly 5% per year. Fatalities are on the rise as well. Those statistics may seem concerning, but they don’t guarantee that you… read more

What Kinds of Compensation Can I Ask for in My Car Accident Claim in Fort Worth, TX?

Unlike some states, Texas is a “fault” auto insurance jurisdiction. This means that in the event of a car accident, you can sue or file a third-party insurance claim immediately. You don’t need to look to your own insurance for compensation. Texas authorizes personal injury victims with valid claims to collect the various forms of… read more

The Deadliest Highway Stretches in Texas

Driving in Texas is an experience. With the large population and constant traffic, it can be challenging to travel at all — but especially via highway. Some of the most dangerous roads in Texas are highways, with numerous fatal accidents occurring every year.  The Highway To Texas Can Be a Dangerous One Texas is the… read more

Top 15 Car Crashes From the Simpsons

The Simpsons have been on television since 1989 and continues to be a fan favorite. During its 34 seasons, we have seen many car crashes and accidents. Below are 15 noteworthy car crashes from the first nine seasons.  Number 1: Season 1, Episode 7 – The Call of the Simpsons The Simpsons rent a recreational… read more