Dog Bites

What To Do if a Dog Attacks You: Understanding Your Legal Rights

Millions of dog bites occur every year in the United States alone. A significant percentage of these dog bite victims end up in the hospital, and a few end up in the morgue. Texas law holds owners responsible for injuries caused by their dogs, subject to certain conditions. Actions To Take Immediately After the Attack… read more

What Happens if a Dog Bites Someone on Your Property in Fort Worth?

When a dog bites a person in Fort Worth, the dog owner could be liable for damages that result. However, property owners could also be liable if a dog bites someone on their property. Dog owners, property owners, and dog bite victims need to understand Texas dog bite laws to protect their legal rights after… read more

Dog Bite Statistics Per Breed

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), more than 4.5 million people sustain dog bites every year in the United States. Injuries from dog bites can range from small cuts and wounds to serious lacerations and even death. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control reports that upwards of 800,000 people receive medical attention each… read more