Texas Law

Traffic and Red Light Cameras in Texas

They were the bane of motorists throughout the Lone Star State who hated waiting at red lights: stoplight cameras. These cameras, mounted on utility poles and standing as silent sentries over intersections, would record every speeder and inattentive driver who failed to stop at a red light.  You may have been just a little happy… read more

Right of Way Laws in Texas

“Right-of-way” is one of the very first things new drivers should learn about when obtaining a license. Still, many drivers forget or fail to realize there are right-of-way laws in Texas. Continue reading to learn about the several right-of-way laws in Texas and the potential consequences of failing to yield the right-of-way. What Does “Right… read more

Can Trucks Drive in the Left Lane in Texas?

Texas does not have a statewide law prohibiting trucks from driving in the left lane. But it has three laws that give the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and local governments the authority to pass local restrictions. This authority has led to truck restrictions on over 400 miles of highways in Texas. These restrictions have… read more

Driving Without a License Versus Driving Without a License on Person in Fort Worth, TX

Driver’s licenses allow the state to ensure that drivers have met the necessary qualifications for safe driving. They also give the state a way to prohibit dangerous drivers from using the roads. Texas has several offenses that involve driving without a driver’s license. The punishment for an offense depends on whether you have a valid… read more

Understanding Assumption of Risk

Assumption of the risk is one of many defenses that a defendant might assert to deny liability for a personal injury claim that you file against them. It is an “affirmative defense”, meaning that it is the defendant, not you, who bears the burden of proving all of the legal elements that make up the… read more

Texas Laws on the Road: What’s the Smallest Street Legal Motorcycle?

If riding a motorcycle is your passion, one bike may not be enough. After all, motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe it’s time to try something different! But before you spend money on a new bike, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the laws in Texas. And if you are interested… read more

Is it Illegal to Wear Headphones While Driving In Texas?

There is no specific Texas traffic law that makes it illegal to wear headphones while driving in Texas. However, that does not mean that wearing headphones while driving is safe. In fact, wearing headphones while driving can increase your odds of being in a motor vehicle accident.  If you have headphones on while driving, you… read more

Texas Laws for Underage Drivers

Texas has a system of graduated driving privileges that gives teen drivers more freedom the older, and more experienced behind the wheel, they become. Those under 18 are subject to passenger restrictions and curfews in an attempt to allow them to gain experience while limiting accidents. Texas Graduated License System The two-stage system begins when… read more

What is the Difference Between Shelter in Place and Martial Law?

Most governors in the United States have issued various orders that require residents in those states to shelter in place. Referred to as “Stay at Home” or “Shelter in Place” orders, some people have questioned whether these orders rise to the level of martial law. Texans Advised to Limit Personal Interactions In his Executive Order… read more