Personal Injury

Allstate Worst Insurance Company For Consumers

In their marketing, insurance companies present themselves as being on the side of the customer. In reality, insurance companies are businesses. Accordingly, their goal is often to increase their profits and minimize their losses. This is not meant to suggest that all insurance companies are untrustworthy. Insurers play an important role in the lives of… read more

3 Elements of Standing to Sue

One must have standing before they can bring a lawsuit against someone. If you file a lawsuit and the defendant files a motion to dismiss alleging that you do not have standing to sue, the judge will have to evaluate the situation.  If the judge determines that you do not have standing to sue, your… read more

Timeline of a Fort Worth Personal Injury Case according to a Personal Injury Lawyer

Have you been injured in an accident resulting from another party’s negligence in Fort Worth, Texas? If so, you may be facing costly medical bills, lost wages, and related struggles. You can often seek compensation for such losses by filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit to collect from the insurance of the negligent party… read more

What Classifies as a Catastrophic Injury?

Any injury can impact your life in major ways. However, some injuries are so severe that they result in long-term or permanent impairments. In personal injury cases, these injuries are referred to as “catastrophic.” You may be eligible for compensation if you sustained a catastrophic injury due to someone else’s negligence. This guide will cover… read more

What Does Discovery Mean?

Discovery is a step in the process before a personal injury trial. During discovery, both sides exchange information and evidence related to the lawsuit. There are several forms of discovery that a party can use to obtain information from the other party. That information can be used to formulate legal strategies for court. Discovery is… read more

Memory Loss After a Concussion

A concussion can cause many symptoms. Memory loss is one of the most disturbing post-concussion symptoms. Amnesia after a concussion may leave you unable to remember the car accident that caused the concussion. It may also persist long after the accident, affecting your ability to make and recall new memories. Here are the things you… read more

Causes & Symptoms of Cephalohematoma

Birth injuries are frightening for parents and can be life-threatening for infants. Many birth injuries could have been prevented had doctors and medical staff recognized the risk factors or warning signs. However, some birth injuries occur even though everyone involved in the labor and delivery did everything correctly. Cephalohematoma is a birth injury that impacts… read more

Is It Legal To Own a Pet Tiger in Texas?

Following the breakout success of Netflix’s Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness, many people are wondering about exotic pet ownership, and particularly whether it is legal to own a pet tiger. In Texas, it’s possible to permit your own pet palace with dangerous wild animals including lions, tigers, and bears.  But just because you can,… read more

Nine Things You Should Know About a Free Lawyer Consultation

If you have been injured through little to no fault of your own, you might be considering hiring a personal injury attorney. Whether your injury is the result of a car accident, slip & fall, or a defective product, having an experienced attorney represent you can be very beneficial.  But many people who are considering… read more

Negligence and Negligence Per Se: Everything You Need to Know

Texas personal injury cases are generally based on allegations of negligence. A person’s negligent actions result in an accident or incident that causes another person’s injury or death.  Before you can recover compensation for a personal injury claim, you must prove the legal elements of negligence. Each element requires direct evidence. However, what happens when… read more