Car Accidents

How Long Does It Take to Get a Settlement Check From a Car Accident in Fort Worth, TX?

Getting a settlement check from a car accident claim in Fort Worth can take a few months to a few years. The timeline for a personal injury case depends on the facts and circumstances of the case. However, there are specific deadlines the insurance company must follow after receiving a car accident claim. Deadlines for… read more

How to Find Out If Someone Has Car Insurance in Fort Worth, TX

Texas uses a fault-based insurance system. After a car accident in Texas, the driver who caused the crash bears liability for all of the resulting damages. Since Texas requires all car owners to carry liability insurance, these claims go to the insurer for the at-fault driver. If the insurer agrees that its insured caused the… read more

How to Make a Police Report After a Car Accident in Fort Worth, TX

Texas law was changed five years ago to eliminate the need to self-report minor car accidents. The only type of accident report that the Texas Department of Transportation (DOT) requires and keeps now is police crash reports. After an accident, you have several legal obligations. These obligations depend on the nature and severity of your… read more

Should You Replace Your Car Seat If You Were in an Accident?

Car seat technology has come a long way in the past couple of decades, and now, infants and toddlers riding in proper car safety seats may emerge from a severe car accident almost unscathed. Car seats are designed to take the brunt of the impact and shield the tiny passengers from harm. But, after an… read more

What to Know About Fort Worth Car Accident Reports

A police accident report can provide valuable information for your insurance claim. The accident report can verify all of the facts you include in the claim. It may even include the investigating officer’s opinion about who caused the car accident. In Texas, all traffic accident reports go to a central database maintained by the Texas… read more

Can You Sue in Fort Worth For A Car Accident If You Are Not Hurt?

Have you been involved in a car accident in Fort Worth, Texas? Texas is an at-fault state. If you’re injured in a car accident due to another driver’s negligence, you can seek compensation for your medical bills and other losses by filing a claim with the insurance of the negligent party. Alternatively, you can file… read more

Emotional and Mental Issues After a Fort Worth Car Accident

Your car accident can trigger emotional and mental symptoms in addition to physical pain. And just as you can seek compensation for physical injuries, you can also seek compensation for mental and emotional injuries. Just keep in mind that you will need evidence to support a claim for mental or emotional injuries. How Emotional and… read more

How to Handle Your Medical Bills After a Fort Worth Car Accident

Generally, you are responsible for paying for your medical bills after a car accident. That is the case even if you may not have been responsible for causing the car crash. However, if another driver was at fault for the accident, you may be able to receive reimbursement for medical expenses by filing an insurance… read more

Why Do Rear-End Collisions Happen and Who’s to Blame?

Rear-end collisions are among the most common types of car accidents. Victims of a rear-end collision may experience severe injuries, especially if the colliding vehicle is traveling at high speeds when the accident occurs. Rear-end collisions are often the fault of the driver who crashes into a vehicle that is stopped or slowing down. However,… read more

Should I Call 911 After a Car Accident in Fort Worth, TX?

Car accidents range in severity. Some are quite serious and must be reported to the police. However, others are fairly minor. Perhaps you were just involved in a car accident in Fort Worth that seems to have caused minimal harm and property damage. You might wonder if this is an accident that requires calling 911…. read more