Car Accidents

How Much Does A Texting Ticket Cost in Texas?

Texting while driving continues to be one of the most dangerous and frequent types of distracted driving.  When a driver texts while driving, the driver’s eyes are off the road. He takes his hands off the steering wheel, and his mind is on the text, not on driving. This level of distraction can be deadly…. read more

What Are the Odds of Dying in a Car Crash?

The odds of dying in a car crash are one in 107. Roughly speaking, you have a less than 1% chance of dying in a car crash during your daily drive. But this statistic does not tell the whole story. Many variables increase your risk of dying in a car crash. For example, your age,… read more

What Happens After a Deposition in a Car Accident Case?

If you are the victim of a collision that resulted in injuries, you may decide to seek financial compensation. During the process of a personal injury claim, your attorney may mention depositions. In some cases, the opposing side may decide to depose you.  This legal term causes lots of unnecessary anxiety for many claimants. In… read more

Six Killed, Dozens Injured in Icy Fort Worth Car Accident

Over the weekend, 133 cars were involved in a massive chain-collision car wreck on Interstate 35W in Fort Worth, TX. Icy road conditions – a rare occurrence in the heart of Texas – set the stage for the devastating car accident that spanned more than half a mile. At least six people were killed and… read more

Treating Post-Accident Vehophobia – The Fear Of Driving

A lesser known injury after a car accident is the development of vehophobia. Vehophobia is the medical word for a serious and unrelenting fear of driving, to the extent that it interferes with one’s quality of life. This uncommon problem is real and it’s devastating.  From a clinical standpoint, a fear of driving after a… read more

Pregnancy & Car Accidents

Many people who fly on airplanes fear a plane crash, despite the chances being low. Similarly, expectant mothers often worry about risks that are unlikely to occur. Expectant mothers are vulnerable and hormonally predisposed to protecting their growing baby, keeping an eye out for dangers no matter how slim the odds. As it turns out,… read more

Diminished Value Accident Claims: What You Need to Know

When you’ve been in a car accident, it is the job of the insurance company to ensure that you are made “whole” after the fact. Generally, this includes repairing your car. However, if the other driver is at fault, you may not only deserve to have your car repaired, but also to be paid the… read more

Nine Factors That Determine How Much to Expect From a Car Accident Settlement

Settling a car accident claim can be frustrating. You were injured because of the other driver’s negligence. Because of the accident, you incurred substantial financial losses, and you suffered because of your injuries.  You only want to receive the compensation you deserve for your car accident claim. However, the other driver’s insurance company is offering… read more

What Happens When You are at Fault for a Car Accident?

Car accidents occur for many reasons. While some car crashes might involve defective car parts, hazardous road conditions, or poor weather, most car accidents involve driver negligence or errors.  Common causes of car accidents include: Speeding Distracted driving Following too closely Drowsy driving Impaired driving Reckless driving Failing to obey traffic laws If you are… read more

Rear End-Collision Injuries and How You Can Recover

Rear-end accidents are some of the most common types of car accidents. Thousands of people are involved in rear-impact collisions each year. Even though rear-impact crashes are often called “fender benders,” these types of automobile accidents can result in catastrophic injuries.  Common Rear-End Collision Injuries  Accident victims may sustain impairments and disabilities that change their… read more