Driving in Texas is an experience. With the large population and constant traffic, it can be challenging to travel at all — but especially via highway. Some of the most dangerous roads in Texas are highways, with numerous fatal accidents occurring every year. 

The Highway To Texas Can Be a Dangerous One

Texas is the second most populated state in the U.S., with over 30 million people residing within its borders. Because of the large population and heavy tourism in Texas, it’s no wonder traffic is so bad and car accidents occur every day. 

Along with vehicles, countless commercial trucks travel through the state daily, transporting and delivering a variety of goods. While necessary for the economy, these vehicles add danger to the roads.

A great many highways in Texas are risky to drive on. This is especially true when other factors increase the likelihood of accidents, like inclement weather and dangerous driving.

Over 200,000 individuals in Texas were injured in vehicular accidents in a recent year, with many of the accidents taking place on highways. Highway accidents are more likely to result in serious injury and death, partly due to the high travel speeds.

The 5 Highways in Texas That Are Most Dangerous

Several highways run through the Lone Star state, from the 495 all the way down to the State 5 Highway. In Texas, it’s important to note that some highways prove to be more dangerous and deadly than others. 

Interstate 35

I-35 runs north to south, from Laredo to the Oklahoma border. It connects some of Texas’s largest areas, including Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin. 

Interstate 35 has a reputation for being one of the most dangerous highways in Texas. In a recent year, over 20,000 accidents took place along this interstate, resulting in 153 deaths. 

Interstate 45

I-45 runs north to south from Galveston to Dallas. More specifically, the deadliest stretch of highway is between Houston and Dallas. 

Although Interstate 45 is a useful highway connecting some of the most important cities within the state, it is also dangerous. Between the high-speed limits, dangerous curves, and substantial traffic congestion, collisions are more likely to occur.

Interstate 10

The I-10 runs east to west and crosses the whole state of Texas, from El Paso to Houston. Countless drivers take to this highway every day to travel and commute. 

Though it offers a convenient way to travel between some of the major Texas cities, the I-10 is also hazardous for many drivers. The riskiest stretch of this particular highway tends to be between San Antonio and Houston. 

U.S. Route 59

Route 59 is an almost 2,000-mile stretch of highway between Houston and Texarkana. With the average speed limit set at 75 MPH, cars, trucks, and motorcycles are at higher risk of collisions. Speeding requires more stopping time and distance, can cause loss of control over a vehicle, and increases the degree of crash severity.

U.S. Route 83

Route 83 runs north and south, connecting many of the rural areas in Texas. Still, traffic can be heavy, making accidents more likely.

The more treacherous stretch of highway is between Laredo and Uvalde. That area is known to have narrow lanes, lack medians, and become especially hazardous during inclement weather, making it possibly the deadliest highway in Texas. 

What To Do Following an Accident on a Highway in Texas

If you’re involved in an accident on a dangerous highway, call 911 right away to report it. Law enforcement can assist at the scene and create a police report based on their findings. Always make sure to seek medical attention in the days following your collision as well. Even if you receive emergency medical care at the scene, it’s important to follow up with a healthcare provider.

You should also consult a qualified Texas car accident attorney. A lawyer can go over the details of your accident and determine the best way to pursue justice and financial recovery on your behalf.


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