Millions of people in the United States own motorcycles. And approximately 328,000 motorcycles are registered in the state of Texas alone.

Texas has one of the largest motorcycle-riding populations in the country. People own motorcycles for many reasons. They are a great way to enjoy the outdoors on a sunny day and offer fuel and space efficiency.

Unfortunately, motorcycle ownership isn’t just easy riding on sunny days. It also requires significant care by the driver. Motorcycles are powerful machines that are difficult to control. And a motorcycle accident can seriously harm the rider.

The Danger of Motorcycle Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcycle accidents are almost 30 times as likely to result in a fatality than passenger vehicle accidents. This isn’t because motorcycle drivers are bad drivers; instead, it is because of how motorcycles are designed.

Motorcycles Are Hard To See

Motorcycles have a sleek design that puts the rider close to the road and minimizes wind resistance. This is great for gas mileage. Unfortunately, it also leads to more accidents.

Car and truck drivers often don’t see motorcycles, especially when they are driving at high speeds. The low-to-the-ground design puts many motorcycles below the sightline of people in larger vehicles.

As a motorcycle rider, you need to be aware of this danger and give plenty of room to other vehicles on the road, especially if they are large vehicles like trucks or SUVs. You should never pass another vehicle unless you are certain the driver has seen you and knows what you are attempting.

Motorcycles Have Few Safety Features

Almost every passenger vehicle currently being produced has the following:

  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Windshield wipers
  • Crumple zones
  • Seat belts
  • Airbags
  • Built-in GPS
  • Automatic assist features

These are all safety devices that reduce the chances of getting into an accident or decrease the chances of serious injury due to an accident. But most motorcycles have no meaningful safety features, relatively speaking.

Typically, the only safety features on a motorcycle are those you add or the equipment you wear. For example, you might wear a helmet and leather clothing every time you ride your bike.

However, even with this extra protection, you have little to protect yourself from serious harm if you do get into an accident. Should you still wear a helmet? Yes. Helmets significantly decrease the chance of death after an accident.

But regardless of what safety equipment you wear, if you are thrown from a bike while traveling at even modest speeds, you are likely to be seriously injured.

The Risk of Unlicensed Riders

If you are not licensed to ride a motorcycle, you should stay off the road. Unlicensed riders make up a large percentage of fatal accidents. This is mostly because motorcycles require significantly more skill to operate safely than cars.

There are many helpful motorcycle driving schools available if you have difficulty passing the motorcycle driving test. It is better to take the time to learn and pass your test than to risk your life and the lives of others by driving on highways without a license.

Ride Responsibly To Reduce the Risk of an Accident

Texas is one of the best states for riding a motorcycle, but only if you ride responsibly. Avoid alcohol and drugs before riding a motorcycle, and make sure you know all the local and state traffic laws. Safety is important when an accident could easily result in a serious injury or fatality.

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