According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 1 in 5 traffic deaths involves pedestrians or cyclists. Whether you ride your bike to work or simply for leisure, it is essential that you follow the rules of the road to ensure your personal safety.  

Unfortunately, following these rules will not always prevent the negligence of others, and bike accidents may occur. Bike accidents can range from minor to severe, leaving people physically harmed in many different ways.  

If you ride your bike on the road, you must educate yourself on the risks you take every time you begin a ride. This article details the most common bike accident injuries experienced. 

What is Road Rash?

Road rash is a painful injury that is caused when bare skin meets the pavement or another hard surface. It is much more than a minor scuff – suffering road rash means dirt and other road debris can become embedded in a rider’s skin.  

This injury may take a long time to heal and requires intense maintenance, including continuous and frequent cleaning and changing your bandages. 

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?

One of the most severe and devastating injuries that can be sustained in a bike accident is a traumatic brain injury or a TBI.  TBIs can be caused by skull fractures, cranial hemorrhages, and concussions. 

TBIs are devastating because they can result in permanent or long-term side effects, including: 

  • Memory loss
  • Long-term disability
  • Loss of mobility
  • Loss of brain function

People can heal and recover fully from some TBIs, while others are untreatable. To best protect yourself from sustaining a TBI while riding your bike, it is imperative that you wear a helmet at all times.

How Can Riders Experience Broken Bones in Bike Accidents?

As with many accidents, broken bones are commonly caused by bike accidents. Riders can suffer broken bones as a result of others’ negligence in driving their vehicles, so this type of injury has the potential to be severe.  

Some breaks require surgery or long-term physical therapy to ensure healing and the best use of the bone after an accident. If you suffer a broken bone in a bike accident, it is crucial to seek immediate medical attention to ensure that you heal properly. 

What Are Maxillofacial Injuries in Bike Accidents?

Although your helmet protects your skull, there are not many types of protective gear to use to protect your face. It is common for riders to experience maxillofacial injuries, including broken teeth, fractured jaws, and fractured orbital (eye) bones, among others. 

These kinds of injuries also require immediate medical attention, specifically from the expertise of a facial plastic surgeon or oral surgeon. 

What Internal Injuries Can A Rider Suffer From a Bike Accident?

In car accidents, the potential for injury is high, given the force and speed behind car collisions.  In bike accidents, the potential for injury to a rider is even more exaggerated because their body is essentially completely exposed to the elements. 

Many bike riders who get into accidents involving vehicles suffer from internal injuries such as:

  • Ruptured spleen
  • Pancreatic trauma
  • Hernias
  • Renal contusions
  • Bowel contusions

Internal injuries can be difficult to diagnose given their lack of visibility, contrasting to injuries like road rash. These injuries are more serious because they frequently can only be repaired or minimized by major surgical procedures. If you are involved in a bike accident, you should visit the emergency room to ensure that you are not suffering from any internal injuries – even if you think you are okay. It is always in your best interest to seek medical attention after a bike accident.

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