It’s late at night. You think you are the only car on the road, and you come across a red light. You’ve had a long night, and you can’t wait to get home. How bad could running one red light really be? Running a red light – even if you think no one else is around – could be catastrophic. 

If you find yourself running late or thinking there are no cars around, remember all it takes is running one red light to cause an accident. If you run the light and get into a collision with another car, a truck, a motorcycle, or a bicycle, you will likely be held liable for injuries and property damage. 

Why Do People Run Red Lights?

Unfortunately, drivers run red lights frequently. In 2021, 1,109 people were killed, and 127,000 were injured in accidents that involved red-light running

People typically run red lights to get through an intersection while the light is still yellow. Drivers also run red lights because they are in a hurry to get through the intersection or they are already speeding and cannot stop in time. A driver’s impatience can result in a pedestrian’s injury. 

The Consequences of Running a Red Light

Fort Worth has some dangerous roads and intersections, and failing to stop at red lights increases the likelihood of a collision in an already dangerous area. 

Running a red light can cause catastrophic, life-altering consequences, or even death, but many drivers decide to run a red light in the blink of an eye. Failing to stop at a red light could result in fines, a collision with another vehicle, property damage, or injuring a bicyclist or pedestrian. 

What Happens if You’re in a Car Accident After Running a Red Light in Fort Worth, TX?

As the driver, you owe others a duty of reasonable care. If you fail to exercise that duty by running a red light and another is injured as a result and suffers damages, you may be found liable. You can also be cited for running a red light and face a fine in Fort Worth. 

You should notify your insurance company if you are in an accident after running a red light. Do not provide any recorded statements to an insurance adjuster before consulting a Fort Worth personal injury attorney. 

The Measures States Take to Decrease Red Light Running 

Some states use red light cameras that are fully automated for traffic enforcement. These cameras can deter running red lights and prevent crashes. Other states have varied the length of time that traffic lights are yellow or have increased police presence near intersections. 

Avoiding Red Light Accidents in Fort Worth, Texas

While some accidents may be impossible to avoid, there are steps you can take to decrease the likelihood of a collision. Do not run red lights, even if you are short on time. What you think could save you seconds could actually cost you everything. 

Remember that maintaining a safe and reasonable speed makes it easier for you to slow down on yellow and stop on red. Treating a yellow light as a warning instead of an extended green light can help you avoid a car accident at an intersection

It is easy to become distracted by a notification on your phone while driving. Looking at your phone to quickly reply to a text is not worth the risk. Keeping your eyes on the road can also help you notice if someone else is distracted while driving. Paying attention to the traffic flow can keep you from running a red light and help you avoid a potential collision.

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