Motorcycle accidents come with high rates of serious injury and death. While there is plenty bikers can do to increase safety on the roads, motorcycle safety actually begins long before you hit the pavement. 

If you are considering purchasing your first motorcycle, or if you are a current motorcyclist looking to lessen your chances of serious injury, it is essential to understand the different types of motorcycles and how to choose the one that’s safest for you. 

Motorcycle Safety in Texas

According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TDOT), roughly one motorcyclist dies every day on Texas roads. In recent years, the numbers have been even more sobering — in 2021, 519 motorcyclists died in Texas, and another 2,318 sustained serious injuries. 

Concern for the safety of bikers in Texas has led to TDOT’s “Share the Road” campaign. Keeping motorcyclists safe requires the combined effort of bikers and other drivers. However, there is an additional way motorcyclists can take precautions to minimize the risk of injury or death — choosing a safe ride. 

Different Motorcycles Bring Different Safety Risks

Any motorcycle poses certain dangers. They’re harder for larger vehicles to notice when sharing the road, which increases the risk of a car accident. And, of course, bikers have little protection beyond a helmet when a collision happens with a motor vehicle. 

There are several different types of motorcycles, and they all come with different risks and benefits. Some of the most common types of motorcycles include: 

  • Standard 
  • Cruiser 
  • Dual-sport 
  • Touring
  • Adventure
  • Naked
  • Supersport

Of all these different types, one stands out as more dangerous than the others — the supersport motorcycle. 

Supersport bikes are known for having a much higher fatality rate than other types of motorcycles. This is primarily due to these motorcycles’ higher levels of speed and power.

Choosing the Motorcycle Right for You

Considering your needs and experience level is the best way to choose the bike that’s least likely to end up in a motorcycle accident.

Good safety points to keep in mind when choosing the right motorcycle for you include: 

  • Choose a bike right for your height and strength
  • Think about your experience level
  • Consider how you’ll use the bike
  • Know the difference in types of motorcycles
  • Consider engine size
  • Look for safety features

New models of motorcycles are available with a range of safety features that didn’t exist in the past, including stability control, anti-lock brakes, and onboard diagnostics. 

If you’re new to riding motorcycles, choosing a smaller model with a smaller engine size is a safer first choice. On the other hand, if you’re planning to use your bike to travel for long distances, the safest option is to choose a bike meant for that sort of use, like a touring motorcycle.  

After an Accident, Call a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle safety extends to far more than what happens on the pavement. Researching the safest type of bike and conducting proper maintenance go a long way to avoiding a serious accident. 

Similarly, how you react after an accident determines whether you’re protected financially and legally from the ramifications of a motorcycle accident

Always call the police after a motorcycle accident, even if you haven’t been seriously injured. The onset of motorcycle accident injuries can be delayed, and involving the police protects you from the other party later claiming that you caused the accident. 

Before speaking with an insurance company, you should always speak with a motorcycle accident attorney. A lawyer protects your rights and helps to maximize the compensation value you’re eligible for. And with the rate of serious motorcycle injuries in Texas, that’s a form of safety that no biker can afford to be without. 

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