Many people travel out of Texas for vacation, business, or other reasons. If you cover significant miles, you’re bound to share the road with commercial trucks. Unfortunately, thousands of truck accidents occur in the United States each year. 

It is estimated that almost 523,800 large trucks were involved in traffic accidents in 2021. That year, traffic deaths in large truck crashes increased by 17 percent. The number of injuries in large truck accidents increased by nine percent.

If you are involved in a truck accident outside of Texas, it is crucial that you take specific steps to protect your rights. The laws of the state where the crash occurred could impact your ability to recover compensation for your damages. A Fort Worth truck accident lawyer can help you determine your legal options and how to protect your right to a fair truck accident settlement. 

Tips for Texas Drivers To Remember for an Out-of-State Truck Accident

If you are involved in a truck accident out of Texas, remember these key steps to protect yourself and your family:

Call for Police and Emergency Medical Services

Commercial truck accidents are not your typical car crash. They often involve multiple vehicles, fires, crushed cars, and catastrophic injuries. Call 911 to report the crash and request help.

Police officers will arrive to investigate the accident scene. Do not admit fault for the crash. The aftermath of a truck accident can be confusing and overwhelming, so you do not want to make statements that might not be true or that jeopardize your interests.

Allow EMS to treat your injuries. Refusing medical treatment or saying you are okay could be used against you in a personal injury case. People involved in truck crashes often sustain severe injuries, but the extent of those injuries is unknown until they receive medical treatment. 

Documenting Damages After a Truck Accident 

The evidence you collect at the accident scene can help prove liability for the crash. However, truck accident scenes are dangerous. Therefore, you might be unable to take pictures and make a video after the crash.

It is wise to document the accident scene with pictures and videos – but only do so if you will not endanger yourself or others. You could safely record yourself to note any details you noticed that might be useful in a truck accident case. 

You can also ask witnesses and bystanders for their information. Eyewitness testimony could be a crucial piece of evidence proving fault.

Continue Medical Treatment

After you return to Texas, continue your medical treatment. Failing to complete your treatment plan could hurt your case. The at-fault parties may allege you failed to mitigate damages, so you are not entitled to compensation for all losses.

You are not required to talk with the trucking company, insurance company, or other parties. It is generally not recommended you talk to these parties directly. Allowing your Fort Worth truck accident lawyer to handle the communications is better.

Insurance adjusters, investigators, and claims representatives have one priority: to obtain information from you that the company can use to deny or undervalue your claim. Statements made by accident victims are often intentionally misinterpreted to allege fault.

What Damages Could You Receive for a Truck Accident Claim?

Most states have tort laws that give victims the right to recover compensation for damages from a party who causes their injury. Therefore, you could be entitled to compensation for economic damages, such as:

You could also receive compensation for non-economic damages caused by a truck accident. Those damages could include:

The amount you receive depends on many factors, including your injuries, the parties involved, and the state’s laws where the accident occurred. Some states of damages caps that limit how much a person can receive for specific types of damages. 

Truck accident claims are complex enough when they happen in Texas. The situation could be worse if you are dealing with an out-of-state accident. Many aspects of the case could be different, such as the statute of limitations for filing claims. 

A Fort Worth personal injury lawyer can help. They can direct you on how to file out-of-state truck accident claims and the compensation you should be entitled to receive. An experienced lawyer can also protect you from aggressive insurance companies and trucking companies.

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