Fort Worth Bus Accident Lawyer

Fort Worth Bus Accident Lawyer

In a city as large as Fort Worth, buses are an essential means of transporting people to work, the grocery store, and large events. However, these vehicles aren’t just practical and convenient – they can also be quite dangerous. When they collide with another road user, the consequences can be utterly devastating.

If you were recently struck by a bus, and are currently amassing a large collection of medical bills, don’t despair.

With the help of Fort Worth bus accident lawyer Jason Stephens, you might be able to recover some much-needed compensation. Contact Stephens Law Firm, PLLC online or give us a call at (817) 420-7000 to learn more about your compensation.

How the Stephens Law Firm, PLLC, Can Help You After Your Bus Accident

At the Stephens Law Firm, PLLC, founding attorney Jason Stephens believes that Texans who are injured in bus accidents should always be fully compensated. When you hire Jason to help you with your case, he will:

Search for Evidence to Help Your Case

To win your bus accident lawsuit, you will almost certainly need to prove that:

  • The other party acted negligently or recklessly
  • The negligence or recklessness of the other party caused you to become injured
  • Your injury is as severe as you claim

Proving these points typically requires evidence such as:

When you work with Stephens Law Firm, PLLC, you won’t need to search for this evidence alone. Jason Stephens himself will be on-hand to assist throughout the entire process.

Negotiate with the Other Party’s Insurer

Bus in the city

Settlement agreements are by far the most common way to resolve bus accident cases.

However, these deals do not come together overnight. They typically require weeks or even months of intense negotiation before they are ready to be signed by both parties.

Over the years, Jason Stephens has negotiated countless settlement agreements on behalf of his personal injury clients.

As such, he understands the best tactics and techniques to use to persuade tight-fisted insurance companies to be a little more generous with their money. When you hire Jason, you can be certain that you will be well-represented at the negotiating table.

Represent You in Court

If the other party’s insurer is unwilling to agree to a fair settlement deal, your bus accident lawsuit will almost certainly end up in court. There, the amount of compensation that you will receive will be determined by a judge and jury – so it is essential that you have a skilled lawyer represent you throughout the process.

Stephens Law Firm, PLLC founder Jason Stephens has been arguing in Texas courtrooms for many years. He understands what it takes to sway a judge and jury in his client’s favor. When he works on your case, he will use all of his knowledge and experience to try to achieve a favorable judgment for you.

Would you like to have a personal injury attorney like Jason Stephens help you fight for the compensation you deserve after your bus accident? Then please do not hesitate to reach out to Stephens Law Firm, PLLC, and set up a free consultation with Jason Stephens today.

Common Causes of Fort Worth Bus Accidents

Every year, thousands of Texans are injured in bus accidents. These crashes are usually caused by one of the following factors:

Distracted Driving

When a bus driver is looking at their cell phone, changing the radio station, or is otherwise distracted, they are not paying attention to the road. As such, it is not uncommon for them to collide with other road users.

Drunk Driving

The presence of alcohol in a driver’s system can severely impair their ability to safely operate a bus. Drunk drivers often blow through stop signs and swerve out of their lane – actions that frequently cause accidents.

Inadequate Training

Before they can safely operate a bus, a driver must undergo quite a bit of training. Drivers who have not been adequately trained often struggle to control their vehicles and cause crashes on the streets of Fort Worth.

Vehicle Defects

When a bus driver steps on the brake pedal, they expect the vehicle to slow down. Similarly, when they turn the steering wheel, they expect the bus to move in that direction. If one or more of the key components of a bus is defective, and the driver cannot control it, accidents are inevitable.

If you were recently struck by a bus, bus accident attorney Jason Stephens may be able to help you claim the compensation you need to cover your medical bills and lost wages. To learn more about Jason’s services, just contact Stephens Law Firm, PLLC.

Assigning Liability in Fort Worth Bus Accident Cases

Determining liability in bus crash cases can sometimes be a little tricky. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, responsibility may lie with numerous individuals or entities.

A short sampling of the parties that are most frequently held liable for bus accidents would include:

The Bus Driver

Bus drivers are expected to be as safe and responsible as possible when driving around Fort Worth. If they drive while drunk or run a red light and cause an accident, they may be held personally liable for the victim’s damages.

The Bus Company

Before allowing their drivers onto the road, private bus companies are required to ensure that they are properly trained. Should they fail to do so, they are likely to be held liable in the event of an accident.

A Government Entity

Most buses in Fort Worth are operated by Trinity Metro – a government entity. Like private bus companies, they are obligated to ensure that their drivers are well-trained. If an accident occurs because of their failure to accomplish this goal, they may be sued.

The Bus Mechanic

When a mechanic is tasked with repairing a bus, they must perform a thorough and complete job. If a crash happens because of a botched repair, they can be held personally liable for the victim’s medical expenses and property damage.

The Bus Manufacturer

Bus manufacturers are legally obliged to ensure that every vehicle they sell is safe to operate. If a bus crashes because one of its key components was flawed or defective, the manufacturer can be held liable.

Jason Stephens at the Stephens Law Firm, PLLC, has been helping the people of Fort Worth pursue compensation for their bus, bicycle, and car accident injuries for over 25 years. If you would like to have him fight for you, just give him a call and set up a free consultation today.

Common Injuries Sustained in Fort Worth Bus Crashes

Buses are among the heaviest vehicles that regularly travel around the city of Fort Worth. When they get into an accident, this weight means that the consequences are often devastating. It is not at all unusual for people who are struck by a bus to be so severely injured that they are left with long-term health challenges or permanent disabilities.

A brief list of some of the most common injuries sustained by people who are involved in bus accidents would include:

Have you been injured in a bus accident in the Dallas-Fort Worth area? If so, you may be entitled to compensation. Reach out to skilled attorney Jason Stephens today. Simply contact Stephens Law Firm, PLLC, and set up your free consultation with Jason.

Statute of Limitations in Fort Worth Bus Accident Cases

The speed at which the victims of Fort Worth bus crashes must begin the process of filing for compensation is almost entirely dependent on the party that they intend to sue.

An individual who is injured in an accident that was caused by the negligence of a private party, such as a bus company or their driver, is generally required to begin the legal process within two years of the date their crash happened. This is the standard statute of limitations for almost all personal injury cases in Texas.

A person who intends to file suit against Trinity Metro or another government entity typically has a much shorter window to begin pursuing compensation. According to section 101.101 of the Texas Tort Claims Act, such victims are required to file a claim notice within six months of the day their accident occurred.

Would you like to have Fort Worth bus accident attorney Jason Stephens help you file suit against a private party or government entity? Then please pick up the phone and call Stephens Law Firm, PLLC, as soon as possible. Jason is ready, willing, and able to assist.

Need the Help of a Fort Worth Bus Accident Lawyer? Contact Stephens Law, PLLC Today

When you need a Fort Worth bus accident lawyer to stand up for you and help you fight for compensation, you can always count on Jason Stephens. Jason’s experience in the industry and his in-depth knowledge of Texas personal injury law give him the ability to handle just about any case – no matter how complex it may be. Submit a contact form today to set up a free consultation at Jason’s Fort Worth law office.

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