Following a serious injury, victims deserve appropriate care. They deserve financial, physical, and legal protection. Each state has laws on the books to help injury victims seek compensation. Victims can pursue damages that they sustained due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness. 

If you have experienced damage to your brain stem because of another party’s actions, you may have legal recourse. Many brain injury victims are able to secure financial compensation for costs, such as medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

No matter the cause of your brain stem injury, an experienced personal injury attorney can help you determine the best course of legal action. If you choose to pursue your personal injury claim, a lawyer can work to secure the maximum amount of compensation for you. 

The Location and Function of the Brain Stem 

The brain stem is a crucial element of the human body. It is located in the back of the brain. The brain stem is the point at which the brain connects to the spinal cord. 

There are a large number of nerve connections in the brain stem. Many motor and sensory systems connect to the brain by way of this part of the brain. The brain stem also allows the peripheral nervous system to communicate with the brain.

The brain stem sends signals from your brain to the rest of your nervous system. A properly functioning brain stem is necessary for everything from sensory awareness to consciousness.

The brain stem contains three distinct sections. Let’s take an in-depth look at each of these sections. 

The Medulla Oblongata

The lower half of the brain stem consists of a neuronal mass known as the medulla oblongata. This section of the brain stem serves to regulate many involuntary bodily functions. 

The medulla oblongata controls breathing and regulates blood pressure. It also controls reflexes like vomiting and sneezing. 

The Pons

This portion of the brain stem carries signals from the cerebrum to the medulla oblongata. The pons is responsible for the following sensory and physiological functions, including:

  • Taste
  • Hearing
  • Facial expressions
  • Bladder control
  • Sleep

The pons is also involved in experiences of sleep paralysis and may be responsible for causing dreams.  

The Midbrain

This is the frontmost section of the brain stem. The midbrain is responsible for bodily temperature regulation, alertness, and motor control. 

Any of these sections may suffer damage, depending on the nature of a particular brain stem injury. These three sections of the brain stem control a wide variety of bodily systems. Because of this, injuries to different areas of the brain stem can result in unique symptoms for each victim.

No matter which area of your brain stem has been damaged, a brain stem injury is very serious. If you have suffered from a brain stem injury, seek medical attention immediately. 

Typical Causes of Brain Stem Injuries 

Unfortunately, the brain stem is very vulnerable to physical damage. While normal daily activities are unlikely to result in a brain stem injury, there are many ways that injuries like this can occur.

Common accidents that can result in brain stem damage include:

Regardless of the circumstances of your brain injury, you should speak with a legal professional if someone’s negligence caused your injury. An experienced brain injury lawyer can examine your case’s circumstances and help you decide on the best course of legal action.  

Common Brain Stem Injury Symptoms

The signs of a brain stem injury are usually observable. 

Typical examples of brain stem injury symptoms include:

  • Slurred speech
  • Persistent and ongoing headache
  • Decreased motor control
  • Inability to control voluntary movements
  • Difficulty balancing and dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Inability to cough, gag, eat, or swallow
  • Unusual breathing patterns
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Blurred vision
  • Loss of awareness or consciousness

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these symptoms, you may have suffered from a brain stem injury. No matter the cause of these symptoms, you should seek help from a medical professional.  

Seeking Damages After a Brain Stem Injury

If you have sustained a blow to your head or neck, you may have a brain stem injury. These injuries can result in long-term or chronic symptoms.

When you have suffered a brain stem injury because of someone’s negligent or careless actions, you may be owed compensation. Contact a qualified brain injury lawyer as soon as possible. Victims of brain stem injuries can seek financial recovery for a wide range of damages.

Each injury case is unique. Even so, certain types of financial recovery are common. Typical categories of damages for injury victims include: 

Medical Expenses

The medical costs from a brain stem injury can be significant. 

A skilled personal injury lawyer can help you pursue financial recovery for the following medical expenses:

  • Emergency transport (such as ambulance rides)
  • Hospital stays
  • Doctor appointments
  • Prescription medications
  • Physical therapy visits
  • Outpatient care and treatments
  • Estimated future medical costs

You should not be held responsible for the medical bills that result from an accident that someone else caused. 

Lost Wages and Decreased Income

The symptoms of a brain stem injury are often severe. You may be unable to work for an extended period of time. This can result in lost wages. If your symptoms are chronic, your long-term earning capacity could be reduced

You should attempt to secure financial compensation for the income that you lose because of your accident. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help. 

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Brain stem injuries can be very serious. If you have suffered from a traumatic brain injury because of another person’s negligence, you may be owed compensation. Contacting a qualified brain injury attorney will give you the best chance of financially recovering. 

You should not have to face the costs of your injury alone. A personal injury lawyer will examine the circumstances of your case and help you to determine the best path forward. 

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