Fort Worth is a gorgeous place to ride a motorcycle, especially in the spring. You may be dreaming of getting back out on the road once the weather warms up some more. But did you know that motorcyclists face greater danger from crashes than other motorists?

How likely are you to get into a motorcycle accident in Fort Worth, and how severe is it likely to be if you do? Read on to discover your risk of getting injured in a motorcycle crash and what you can do to prevent it.

Nationwide Rate of Motorcycle Accidents

Before we get into Fort Worth motorcycle accident statistics, let’s talk about the national rate of motorcycle accidents. 

Every year, about 84,000 motorcyclists get injured in crashes across the United States. Another 5,000 or so die, and thousands more are involved in accidents that either don’t result in injuries or simply aren’t reported.

There are more than 8.5 million motorcycles registered in the United States. That means that, statistically speaking, about one percent of motorcyclists get into accidents that cause injuries every year. 

The true number is almost certainly higher than this, though, since we don’t know how many accidents go unreported.

Fort Worth Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Now that we know how many motorcycle accidents happen around the country, let’s look at Fort Worth statistics. 

In 2021, Fort Worth experienced more than 14,000 vehicle crashes, 119 of which were fatal. Given that motorcyclists make up about 12 percent of all Texas traffic fatalities, that puts Fort Worth’s annual motorcyclist fatality count around 14.

Across the state, Texas experiences about 7,500 motorcycle crashes each year, almost 500 of which are fatal. Another 1,900 or so get seriously injured every year. 

Texas currently has about half a million motorcycles registered, which means, statistically, about 1.5 percent of riders get in crashes each year.

Likelihood of Injury or Death in a Motorcycle Crash

If you do get into a motorcycle crash in Fort Worth, how likely are you to be hurt or killed? A staggering 80 percent of motorcycle crashes result in injury or death. This is compared to just 20 percent of passenger vehicle crashes causing injuries or death.

Of the 7,500 motorcycle accidents in Texas each year, about 25 percent caused serious injuries. Almost 7 percent of them resulted in a fatality. 

Overall, motorcyclists are about 27 times more likely to die in a crash than people in other vehicles.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

It may surprise you to learn that almost half of all motorcycle crashes involve a car making a left-hand turn. During these turns, drivers’ attention is split. They may not see a motorcycle, or they may think they can get around them since they’re so small.

Almost 80 percent of fatal motorcycle crashes are head-on collisions. Lane splitting, where a motorcycle rides between two lanes of cars, is also a common cause of motorcycle accidents. And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the massive risk that motorcycle riders face when driving under the influence.

How to Reduce Your Risk

These numbers may seem frightening, but there are a few ways to reduce your risk of getting in a motorcycle crash. 

First and foremost, you should always wear a helmet. Texas law states that motorcyclists must wear a helmet in all but a few circumstances, and doing so can make the difference between life and death in a crash.

You should also never drive after you’ve been drinking. Even if you only feel a little buzzed, your reaction times can be dramatically slower and you may be more likely to make risky decisions. Wait until you sober up before getting on your motorcycle, or call a ride to get you home.

Get Help After a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents can be extremely dangerous, and unfortunately, they’re more common in Texas than elsewhere in the country. The best way to reduce your risk of an injury is to wear a helmet and always avoid driving drunk. 

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, you need to speak to a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer. They can help you get any compensation you’re entitled to and protect you from dangerous claims that the crash was your fault. Schedule a free consultation with us today to discuss your case.

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