After suffering an injury at the hands of another, you’ll likely want to pursue compensation for your losses. Whether your case settles with or without the need to file a lawsuit, you’ll look forward to receiving your settlement money.

One of the most commonly asked questions regarding personal injury settlement is, “How long does it take to get my settlement check?” Specific events must take place before you can get your settlement check, so it may take a few weeks before you receive your check after settlement.

What Happens After Your Case Settles?

After your personal injury lawyer settles your case, they can walk you through the subsequent events. Certain steps must occur before you receive your final settlement check:

You Have To Sign the Required Documents

Once your case settles, you’ll sign your settlement documents.

These documents include details regarding your settlement and a release. Once you sign these documents, aside from agreeing to the settlement amount, you also agree you will not try to pursue further compensation in the future.

Your Signed Documents Go To the Insurance Company for Review

After signing your documents, they go to the insurance company. The insurance company thoroughly reviews the paperwork to ensure everything is correct.

The Insurance Company Makes Out a Check and Sends It To Your Lawyer

After the insurance company goes over the settlement documents, it can issue a settlement check.

The settlement check goes to your lawyer’s office and not directly to you.

Your Lawyer Deposits the Check and Deducts Their Fees

Your personal injury attorney must first deposit your check in an escrow account. From there, they can take their fees. 

Because personal injury lawyers work on contingency, they take their payment for their services from your settlement amount. Before your lawyer begins working on your case, they must discuss the contingency fee agreement with you, and you’ll sign off on it.

Your Lawyer Sends You a Settlement Check

Once your attorney takes their percentage, they make out a check to you for the remaining balance. Lawyers often give you the option of having the check mailed or going into their office to pick it up.

Factors Affecting How Long It Takes To Settle Your Case

There’s no average time you can expect to receive a personal injury settlement check, as there are several factors that affect the timeframe. Some of the most common details that influence the time it takes for you to get your settlement money include:

  • How long it takes to settle your case
  • The insurance company’s willingness to settle
  • How responsive the insurance company is throughout the process
  • Whether your lawyer needs to file a personal injury lawsuit
  • Whether your case settles pre-trial or goes to court

Personal injury attorneys usually have a goal to settle cases as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, since it’s not entirely up to them, some cases do take longer to settle than others. Therefore, the longer your case takes to settle, the longer it takes for you to get your settlement money.

Your Personal Injury Attorney Can Address Settlement Check Concerns

Throughout the case, you can feel comfortable discussing your questions and concerns with your personal injury lawyer. Should you have any doubts regarding your settlement check, your attorney can provide answers.

Generally, after personal injury cases settle, it can take around six weeks or so to receive a settlement check. If some time has gone by and you still have not received your money, contact your lawyer’s office to ask for an update.

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