If you’ve been involved in an accident where you’ve sustained personal injuries, or you’re seeking justice for the wrongful death of a family member, you deserve to be fairly compensated. However, receiving fair compensation isn’t always easy. That’s why hiring the right personal injury lawyer is your best chance at success. 

Finding an attorney who will meet your needs and fight for you every step of the way can sometimes be a challenge. Some personal injury lawyers advertise themselves loud and clear on every billboard and street corner, while some prefer to keep a lower profile and advertise their services primarily through word of mouth. 

However, neither of these approaches necessarily speaks to an attorney’s credibility or record of success, which is why doing your own research is crucial to making the right decision.

Finding a Personal Injury Attorney: How Do I Begin?

Are you seeking financial compensation for an injury incurred in an accident and not quite sure how to proceed with finding legal counsel? Here are some of the top tips for choosing the best personal injury lawyer for your case.

Utilize Your Own Personal Network 

It’s likely that someone in your immediate circle has required the services of a personal injury lawyer at some point in the past, whether it’s a family member, friend, or coworker. Personal recommendations are often some of the most useful, considering the person making the recommendations likely cares about you and therefore has your best interest in mind. 

Not to mention, someone you know personally will probably be more honest and forthcoming about the pros and cons of their experience with a personal injury attorney than a stranger or law firm representative would.

Do Some In-Depth Research 

Whether you have a few names in mind based upon recommendations from friends and family or you have no idea where to begin, it’s important to do some significant research on all of your options. Scouring the internet for personal injury attorneys in your area is a great place to start. 

During this process, there are a few key questions to ask before moving forward with any of your options:

  • Do they have experience with the specific injury or situation that I’m dealing with?
  • What is their success rate with cases like mine?
  • What kind of experience do they have in dealing with insurance companies?

A personal injury lawyer with extensive experience handling mostly truck accident cases may not necessarily be the attorney for you if you’ve been injured because of medical negligence or a defective product. There are many personal injury firms that have significant experience with all different types of injury cases, including motor vehicle collisions, product liability matters, workers’ compensation, wrongful death, more. However, it’s important to make sure that the firm you consider working with will handle your specific case properly.

Additionally, a huge part of personal injury cases is the involvement of claims with the insurance companies of the other involved parties. If your potential attorney doesn’t have years of experience navigating the ins and outs of different insurance companies, they may struggle to help you receive the financial compensation you deserve. Make sure the firm you’ve chosen to place your trust in has tangible knowledge of the intricacies involved in dealing with insurance companies, or you may find yourself losing out.

Read Testimonials and Reviews

Personal recommendations of attorneys from friends and family can be extremely useful. However, it can also be valuable to read the unbiased opinions and experiences of past clients that have no connection to your personal situation. Even if a close friend had a great experience with a specific personal injury attorney, you might not see the same results with your case. You may have different injuries, or there may be other details of your case that are dissimilar.

The honest reviews and testimonials given by former clients of a firm can give useful insight into how the firm might be able to work for you and your specific case. However, it’s important to browse sources other than the firm’s own website in order to gain a full picture of how the firm does business, its success rates, and the experiences past clients have had.

Understand Your Own Needs and Limitations

Before retaining the services of a personal injury attorney, you should review the details of your case and have a clear picture of what exactly you want out of a trial.

For example, some personal injuries that seem almost synonymous with one another will have their own sets of implications and laws surrounding them, such as the difference between slipping and falling or tripping and falling. Though small details like whether the defendant slipped or tripped may seem unimportant when faced with the subsequent injury, having a clear knowledge of exactly what occurred will strengthen your case and make it easier for a high-quality injury attorney to assist you in receiving compensation.

Just as you should have an understanding of exactly what happened to you and how you want your case to transpire, it’s important to have your own limitations in mind, particularly when it comes to legal fees. Hiring a personal injury can get expensive, especially if the firm has a high success rate. Therefore, doing some research about financial planning for the personal injury settlement process can help you keep a realistic figure in mind when it comes to hiring your attorney.


The process of finding the right personal injury lawyer for your needs can be daunting. However, making the wrong choice for the sake of convenience can easily backfire, and if you’ve already lost money, time, health, or have compromised emotional well-being due to your accident, this isn’t a chance you should be willing to take.

Listen to the recommendations of family and friends who have been through similar situations, but don’t hesitate to do your own extensive research to make sure your specific needs are being met. Get the details of your case as straight as you can before hiring an attorney, as this will strengthen your case and make the process as smooth as possible. Above all, make sure the personal injury attorney you choose is trustworthy and truly cares about the success of your case.

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