Texas uses a fault-based insurance system. After a car accident in Texas, the driver who caused the crash bears liability for all of the resulting damages. Since Texas requires all car owners to carry liability insurance, these claims go to the insurer for the at-fault driver.

If the insurer agrees that its insured caused the crash, it pays compensation to the claimants. This compensation will cover medical expenses, lost wages, and losses due to pain and suffering. Knowing the insurance carrier and policy number will ensure you can file a claim after a car accident.

Here are some ways to find out whether someone has car insurance in Fort Worth, TX.

Duties After a Car Accident in Texas

After an accident in Fort Worth or elsewhere in Texas that results in an injury or death, you must:

  • Stop at the accident scene or as close as possible
  • Render aid to anyone injured
  • Report the accident to the police

If you fail to take these steps, the police can cite you. Leaving the scene of an accident can even expose you to a jail sentence and a fine.

3 Ways to Get the Other Driver’s Insurance Information in Texas

In most situations, you and the other driver will voluntarily exchange information. But in the confusion after an accident, you might forget to get the other driver’s insurance information. 

Alternatively, you might suffer an injury that prevents you from getting the information before you are transported to the hospital.

Here are three ways to get the other driver’s insurance information.

1. Ask for It

If the accident left you physically and mentally capable, ask the other driver for the insurance information. Texas law requires both drivers to remain at the scene until they exchange information about their identities and insurance carriers. 

Intentionally leaving an accident scene before exchanging information might constitute a hit-and-run under Texas law.

2. Ask the Police to Get It

The police officer who responds to the accident will make sure both drivers fulfill their legal duties. Ask the investigating officers to assist you if you have concerns about a confrontation with the other driver over the insurance information.

Texas law requires drivers to give their insurance cards to a police officer upon request. If you fail to produce your insurance card, the officer can cite you for driving without insurance.

Police officers understand that tempers can run hot after an accident and will often act as an intermediary to make sure each driver gets the other’s insurance information.

3. Get It from the Accident Report

Investigating officers prepare a crash report for every accident that causes:

  • Injury
  • Death
  • Significant property damage

The officer completes and files the crash report within ten days of the accident. This accident will contain the driver’s name, vehicle description, and owner’s name. It will also include the owner’s insurance information.

You can access a copy of your crash report from the Fort Worth Police Department or the Texas Department of Transportation

Both systems require you to affirm that you are:

  • Someone involved in the accident
  • The lawyer for a person involved in the accident
  • The owner of a vehicle or property damaged in the accident
  • An insurer for a person or vehicle in the accident
  • Any person who may file a wrongful death lawsuit relating to the accident

If you fall within these categories, you can buy a copy of the unredacted crash report.

Using the Information You Gathered

When you file a claim against the at-fault driver, you need to know the driver’s name and the insurer. Having the policy number will also help, but many insurers do not require it.

This information will allow the insurer to investigate your claim. Through this process, you and your injury lawyer will try to resolve your claim fairly based on your injuries.

Contact an injury lawyer for help with your claim or to find out if another driver has insurance after an accident.

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