Fort Worth Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Fort Worth Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Not all brain injuries are traumatic or catastrophic. In fact, most are relatively mild.

However, mild traumatic brain injuries can still fundamentally change your life forever. It can cause devastating physical, emotional, and financial repercussions.

That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to contact our Fort Worth injury attorneys at Stephens Law Personal Injury | Wrongful Death | Truck Accidents if you’ve suffered a mild traumatic brain injury in an accident in Fort Worth, Texas.

If someone else caused your mild TBI, Fort Worth personal injury lawyer Jason Stephens will work day and night to make them pay.

Call his law office in Fort Worth, Texas at (817) 420-7000 to arrange a free consultation to learn more about your legal rights, options for recovery, and how the firm might be able to help you get the money you deserve.

Why Do I Need a Fort Worth Personal Injury Lawyer If I’ve Suffered a Mild TBI?

brain disease

It can be tough to deal with an injury to the brain – whether it’s mild or severe.

In the short-term, you might struggle with anxiety and have lapses in memory because of your mild traumatic brain injury.

Medical bills can add up as you seek treatment for your symptoms. You might be unable to work, which can put a serious strain on your financial situation.

In the years to come, your injury might have relatively-minor, but still significant, influences on your everyday life. 

You shouldn’t have to bear those costs or the consequences of your injury on your own. Whoever caused you to get hurt should be held fully accountable. However, no one will raise their hand and offer a payout. You’ll have to fight to get the money you need and deserve.

You’ve got enough to think about as you recover from your brain injury. By hiring a personal injury attorney in Fort Worth, you put your case in experienced hands and give yourself the opportunity to get back on your feet.

Jason Stephens has more than 25 years of experience helping accident and injury victims in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He’s seen, first-hand, what kind of an impact a mild traumatic brain injury can have on a person’s life.

On their family’s lives. That’s why he does everything in his power to help his clients recover substantial and life-changing monetary awards.

He will fight just as hard for you, too, as he:

  • Thoroughly investigates the cause of your mild TBI
  • Seeks compensation from all liable parties
  • Stands up to insurance companies on your behalf, protecting you from their shady and manipulative tactics
  • Negotiates with at-fault parties and their insurers.

As an award-winning trial lawyer, Jason Stephens is ready take your case to a Fort Worth jury, if necessary. 

Give Stephens Law Personal Injury | Wrongful Death | Truck Accidents a call to arrange a free consultation. When you speak with Jason Stephens, he’ll listen to your side of the story. He’ll explain your legal rights and the options that might be available to you. He’ll do his best to address your questions and concerns. If you decide to file an injury claim or lawsuit, he’ll stand by your side until your case is resolved.

What is a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury?

When you’re involved in a traumatic event, such as a motor vehicle accident or fall, your brain can suffer damage. Any damage to the brain is classified as a “traumatic brain injury,” or TBI. However, not all traumatic brain injuries are traumatic. There are also traumatic brain injuries that are classified as mild. A TBI is considered to be mild when:

  • You only lose consciousness for less than 30 minutes, or
  • You’re only confused or disoriented for less than 30 minutes. 

Simply put, a traumatic brain injury is mild when the immediate symptoms don’t last for more than half an hour. 

Mild traumatic brain injuries are sometimes also referred to as concussions, minor head trauma, or minor head injuries.

How Common Are Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Every year, more than 4 million Americans suffer a traumatic brain injury. The vast majority of the TBI cases are mild. Research shows that anywhere between 70% and 80% of all TBIs are mild. Some suggest as many as 90% could be classified as mild.

What about recovery? What’s the prognosis for someone who suffers a mild traumatic brain injury? Most people who suffer a mild TBI will recover within one year. Some – anywhere between 1% and 20% – will experience “persistent cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and physical impairments” than last longer than one year. In some cases, the consequences of a mild TBI can linger for years, if not the rest of a victim’s life.

What Are the Immediate Symptoms of a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury?

Signs of a mild traumatic brain injury include:

  • Loss of consciousness, lasting less than 30 minutes
  • Confusion
  • Disorientation
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Altered vision
  • Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • Irritability
  • Memory problems, and
  • Shortened attention span.

Many times, these symptoms are more subtle and harder to identify than those symptoms of a more severe brain injury. As a result, many victims of a mild TBI do not have their injury diagnosed. Without treatment and medical care, an injury is more likely to progress and lead to complications. For that reason, it is essential to pay close attention to how you feel after an accident in Fort Worth and see a doctor if you notice any symptoms of a mild TBI.

What Are the Potential Long Term Consequences of a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury?

A persistent mild traumatic brain injury can cause significant disruption for years after an accident occurs. Possible long-term consequences include:

  • Anxiety, depression, apathy, and other emotional problems
  • PTSD
  • Impulsivity and changes in behavior
  • Cognitive impairments, including changes in attention and the ability to perform simple tasks, and
  • Memory loss or impairment.

Again, the best way to prevent long-term problems is by seeking medical care as soon as possible after an accident.

What Causes Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries in Fort Worth, TX?

Any traumatic accident can potentially cause a mild TBI. This includes any time you experience a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or neck. Stephens Law Personal Injury | Wrongful Death | Truck Accidents represents clients who have sustained mild traumatic brain injuries because of:

If you’ve suffered a brain injury in an accident in Fort Worth, give Jason Stephens a call to discuss your legal options. He would be happy to review your case at no cost to you. 

What Damages Can I Get If I’ve Suffered a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury?

The costs of a mild traumatic brain injury shouldn’t be discounted. The physical, emotional, and financial toll of this type of injury can quite devastating. Fortunately, financial compensation might be available from a negligent driver, property owner, business, employer, or insurance company. This could include economic and non-economic damages, such as:

  • Hospitalization
  • Diagnostic testing, including CT scans or MRIs
  • Medication
  • Rehabilitation
  • Therapy
  • Medical devices or equipment
  • Lost income and wages
  • Disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life, and more.

Stephens Law Personal Injury | Wrongful Death | Truck Accidents will work hard to make sure that you get a say in what your mild TBI case is worth. Jason and his support staff won’t let insurance companies push you around. How? He’ll back his demands for compensation with solid evidence of fault and expert-backed valuations. He will put in the time, effort, and resources that are necessary to get you the money you deserve.

How Long Do I Have to File a Mild TBI Injury Claim in Fort Worth?

Typically, the statute of limitations on most personal injury lawsuits in Texas is two years. The clock begins to run at the time of an accident or whenever you reasonably discover your mild TBI – whichever is later. There are times when a different statute of limitations could apply – perhaps giving you more or less time to act. However, you will lose the ability to recover a financial award if you do not file your claim on time.

So, it’s important to make sure that you reach out to Stephens Law Personal Injury | Wrongful Death | Truck Accidents for assistance as soon as you can after your accident. The firm can begin to fight to recover compensation for your mild TBI and all of your other accident-related injuries as soon as you call.

A Fort Worth Brain Injury Lawyer Is Here to Help

Whether you fell at work or were rear-ended at an intersection in Fort Worth, you might be entitled to a financial recovery for your mild traumatic brain injury.

Let the accomplished Fort Worth brain injury lawyer at Stephens Law Personal Injury | Wrongful Death | Truck Accidents help you fight to get the compensation you deserve.

For years, Jason Stephens has been the fiercest advocate for injury victims in Texas. His tenacity and dedication have helped him secure life-changing settlements and awards for countless clients. Give his Tarrant County law firm a call today to find out how he might be able to help you, too.

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