Common Road Dangers for Motorcyclists

Common Road Dangers for Motorcyclists

Motorcycles require balance to ride safely. Anything that disturbs a motorcyclist’s balance can trigger a motorcycle accident. Road conditions and weather conditions, for example, can cause a motorcycle’s tires to lose traction and send the motorcyclist into a slide.

But the greatest road danger for motorcyclists comes from automobile drivers. Most motorcycle accidents in Fort Worth, TX, involve a collision with another vehicle. And most collisions happen because of careless automobile drivers.

Read on to learn about some common road dangers for motorcyclists and what you need to prove to get compensation for the injuries you suffer in a motorcycle crash. And if you’ve recently been involved in a motorcycle accident, our attorneys can help you obtain compensation from the responsible party. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to go over your case. Call Stephens Law at (817) 420-7000 today.

How Stephens Law Can Help After a Motorcycle Accident in Fort Worth

How Stephens Law Can Help After a Motorcycle Accident in Fort Worth

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  • Hiring experts to analyze your case and testify at trial if necessary

An accident can leave you injured and disabled in Fort Worth, Texas. You could face massive medical expenses with no way to pay them. To discuss your options for injury compensation after your car accident, contact Stephens Law for a free consultation.

How Common Are Road Dangers for Motorcyclists?

The Texas Department of Transportation maintains a public system for accessing traffic crash statistics. The Crash Records Information System (CRIS) uses data from crash reports filed by drivers and police officers after all accidents in Texas that involve injury, death, or property damage over $1,000. The statistics cited here all come from CRIS.

Fort Worth had 307 motorcycle accidents in 2021. This number was high for Fort Worth’s share of Texas’s population. Fort Worth has 3.2% of Texas’s population but 3.7% of Texas’s motorcycle accidents. This means Fort Worth motorcyclists had about 41 more accidents than they should have had based on Fort Worth’s population.

Of these accidents, 194 involved a collision with another vehicle, and one involved a collision with a pedestrian. The remaining accidents were single-vehicle accidents.

Overview of Road Dangers for Motorcyclists

Motorcycles are exposed to many dangers due to their inherent instability. And motorcyclists have little protection in a motorcycle accident. As a result, many roads, weather, and traffic conditions can pose a danger to motorcycle riders, including:

Road Conditions

According to CRIS, 20 of Fort Worth’s 307 motorcycle accidents took place on slick roads. Seventeen accidents happened on wet roads, and three accidents happened on roads covered with sand or gravel.

Slick surfaces can cause motorcyclists to lose control of their motorcycles and go into a slide. The motorcyclist will likely suffer injuries to their upper and lower limbs. These injuries can include abrasions, burns, and fractures.

Liability for these accidents often lies with the motorcyclist. But if someone else’s actions caused the slick surface, such as a truck with an unsecured load of sand or gravel, you might have a claim for injury compensation.

Weather and Light Conditions

Weather can pose a danger to motorcyclists. Heavy precipitation or fog can reduce visibility for motorcyclists and nearby automobile drivers.

Automobile drivers already have difficulty spotting motorcyclists. Their small size makes them more difficult to see than larger vehicles. Their small size also creates a cognitive bias where drivers fail to recognize the significance of motorcycles and ignore the danger the driver’s actions cause motorcyclists.

In 2021, seven motorcycle accidents happened during rainy conditions, according to CRIS. One motorcycle crash happened in sleet or hail, and one in fog.


CRIS identifies 147 Fort Worth motorcycle accidents as occurring at or near intersections. Intersection accidents often happen because drivers fail to yield to motorcycles.

These accidents can happen when a driver turns left across the path of an oncoming motorcyclist. It can also happen when a driver turns right ahead of an approaching motorcycle. Intersection accidents can also happen when a driver goes through an intersection out of turn. In these situations, the driver would bear liability for the accident.

Intersection collisions usually involve a broadside or T-bone crash. These can cause serious injuries to motorcyclists because they can crush their legs. The motorcyclist can also get ejected when hit from the side. When ejected, the motorcyclist will suffer injuries in the initial collision with the vehicle and the subsequent collision with the road.

Lane Changes

Drivers often fail to spot motorcyclists passing or making lane changes. The motorcycles’ smaller size makes them easier to get lost in a vehicle’s blind spots.

Lane change accidents often result in a sideswipe collision. These crashes are usually minor when two cars are involved. But they can cause serious injuries to a motorcyclist because a sideswipe can knock the motorcycle over, send the motorcyclist into another traffic lane, or send them off the road.

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