Class action lawsuits are complex cases. There is no set timeframe for resolving these matters, and the time it takes may vary significantly from months to several years. An experienced personal injury lawyer understands the different factors that may contribute to the length of a class action lawsuit in Texas.

What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit is a lawsuit filed by a group of people who have suffered similar injuries or damages due to another. One or more plaintiffs join together to file a single lawsuit on behalf of a larger group of victims, known as the class. 

Class action lawsuits are used when the number of people affected in a case, such as a product liability matter, makes it impractical or inefficient for all those affected to file lawsuits on their own.

Factors That Contribute to the Length of Class Action Lawsuits 

Several factors can influence how long class action lawsuits take in Texas. A lawyer can help you weigh the most common factors, including:

The Complexity of the Case

Class action lawsuits often involve complex legal or factual issues. These can take months or years to resolve. Personal injury class actions typically also require thoroughly examining medical records, expert reports, and other documents. This can prolong the class action process, including potential settlement discussions.

The Number of Parties Involved

The more parties involved in a class action can impact how long it may take to settle. Each additional party adds a layer to the case that can significantly extend the timeline, especially when gathering evidence and negotiating settlements.

Texas courts have specific rules that govern how class actions are conducted. One example is certification, which requires the court to confirm that the case meets specific criteria and can be qualified as a class action. Texas courts may also have different administrative and procedural rules that can influence the duration of the lawsuit.

Settlement Discussions

Settlement negotiations can either shorten or lengthen the duration of a class action lawsuit. If all parties are motivated to settle, a class action may resolve quickly. However, complex negotiations involving large class actions, disputed liability, or substantial compensation can drag on indefinitely.


The appeal process can significantly add time to a class action lawsuit. Appeals in Texas often go through multiple levels up to the Texas Supreme Court. Each appeal can introduce delays of several months to even years.

Understanding these factors can help members of a Texas class action lawsuit set realistic expectations about the timeline of their case.

Parts of a Class Action Lawsuit in Texas

A class action lawsuit has several parts. 

Class actions in Texas will typically progress through these critical stages, which can each take months or years to finish:

  • Certification: The court must certify the case as a class action and determine whether there are enough commonalities between the parties and their claims.
  • Discovery: Both sides gather evidence, share documents, take depositions, and retain experts to testify.
  • Trial: Cases that do not settle will go to trial. Each side will present arguments, and a judge or jury will decide.
  • Settlement or judgment: The case may be settled with an agreement between the parties until the end of the trial. If not, the court will issue a decision in favor of one side.
  • Appeals process: Parties may appeal the decision, extending the timeline further.

Every class action lawsuit is different. An attorney can evaluate the timeline for your case.

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