Transportation has changed greatly throughout the years, and no two forms are the same. Among the many differences, safety is an important factor to consider. Some methods of transportation are safer than others, helping provide peace of mind as you travel to your destination.

Still, if you have sustained injuries in a transportation accident, you may have a valid claim for compensation. A personal injury lawyer can assess your case and protect your rights as they fight for justice on your behalf. 

The Safest Forms of Transportation

Research provides insight into the safest forms of transportation. Based on the number of accidents, injuries, and deaths, the following are some of the safest options for your next trip. 


It’s not uncommon to have a fear of planes and air travel, as many people shy away from traveling by airplane. In reality, air travel is one of the safest options. The idea of flying thousands of feet above ground can be intimidating for many, but based on the numbers, planes tend to have the lowest number of crashes and incidents. 

Statistics throughout the years consistently show a minimal number of air travel-related events, especially those resulting in fatalities. These numbers are nothing compared to other forms of travel, specifically cars. 


More travelers are opting for train travel nowadays. Not only is it safer than other methods of transportation, but it is also more convenient in many cases.

Like air travel, the numbers also show train incidents resulting in injuries and fatalities are low. Train accidents do make the news, making it seem as though they occur more often than they do. Really, train crashes are usually only newsworthy because of the rarity of such events. 


Even safer than trains are buses, including charter buses, city buses, and school buses. Buses are strong and stable, and bus collisions resulting in injuries and deaths are not very common. Incidents involving buses account for only 10% of road fatalities each year.

The Most Dangerous Forms of Transportation

When studying the numbers concerning transportation fatalities, you’ll notice that certain modes of transportation are much more dangerous than others. Road travel typically presents more risks and increased chances of injuries and fatalities. 


Across the board, car travel is the most dangerous method of transportation. Hundreds of thousands of accidents happen every single year all over the U.S., resulting in physical harm and death. 

Historical data shows a substantial rise in car accident-related deaths as the significance of vehicles in everyday life has increased.


Motorcyclists put themselves at risk every time they get on the road. Because of their instability and lack of safety features, motorcycles are some of the most dangerous vehicles to operate. 

From negligent driving behaviors of car and truck drivers to hazardous road conditions, motorcycle accidents happen for various reasons. Additionally, due to vulnerability and insufficient protection, motorcyclists often suffer severe injuries and death.

Getting Help After Suffering Injuries in an Accident

No matter how safe or unsafe a mode of transportation may be, it is still impossible to prevent all accidents. Depending on the mode of transportation and severity of the crash, you may face serious, life-changing injuries. Therefore, do not hesitate to seek legal guidance if you have suffered harm in an accident. 

A personal injury attorney can efficiently assist in navigating your claim for compensation. They can investigate your accident, determine cause and liability, and help ensure you obtain the justice and compensation you deserve.

You Need a Lawyer To Help You Handle a Deposition

Depositions aren’t any fun, at least if you’re the one answering the questions. They can also get you into a lot of trouble if you mishandle them. If you’ve already filed a lawsuit, you might already have a lawyer. 

If you do, make sure and ask your lawyer to help you with your deposition. If you don’t already have a lawyer, then get one as quickly as you can. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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