Weatherford Construction Accident Lawyer

Weatherford Construction Accident Lawyer

If you have been hurt in a construction accident, you may have the right to significant financial compensation.

At Stephens Law Firm, PLLC, attorney Jason Stephens will review your case for free to help you understand how a lawyer can fight for you.

Contact an experienced Weatherford construction accident lawyer to learn more about your right to fair compensation today.

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the United States. Construction accidents involving heavy machinery falls from heights, and dangerous conditions can all cause serious injuries.

All it takes is one person’s mistake to take you off the job. If that happens, you need a strong injury lawyer in your corner. Call us today at (817) 409-7000.

How an Experienced Weatherford Construction Accident Lawyer Can Help

worker accident

Your lawyer’s skills and experience are critical to making sure you’re awarded a substantial amount of compensation.

Insurance companies often push for a settlement that simply fails to cover the full cost of your injury.

The process for recovering compensation is also complicated—full of paperwork and legal rules that most people have little experience handling. 

At Stephens Law Firm, PLLC, a Weatherford personal injury lawyer, has been successfully helping accident victims for over 25 years. Jason Stephens understands the complex details of state and federal construction laws. Jason Stephens isn’t intimidated by large insurance companies and defense lawyers hired to reduce the amount of money you receive. 

You shouldn’t have to struggle with complex laws and piles of paperwork while fighting to recover from a serious injury. An experienced construction accident lawyer is here to take on that burden. Jason takes an aggressive and comprehensive approach to your case so that you can focus on what matters: getting your life back on track. 

An accident lawyer will:

  • Identify all possible sources of compensation in your case
  • Investigate to find out what caused your accident
  • Take the time to personally answer any questions that you have about your case progress
  • Negotiate with the insurance companies, defense lawyers and even your own employer
  • Retain the best available medical, scientific and financial experts to prove the fair value of your insurance claim
  • Advocate fiercely on your behalf before the workers’ compensation board or a judge and jury in a personal injury case

An accident attorney has already recovered millions for injured clients in Weatherford and across Texas. Call today to see how Jason Stephens can put that experience to work for you.

Construction Accident and Injury Statistics

Texas employers are legally required to follow certain safety guidelines to keep you safe. Despite this, thousands of workers are injured in construction accidents every year. According to Texas Department of Insurance statistics, construction is the second deadliest industry in the state of Texas.

Some sobering facts include:

  • One in five workplace deaths in 2018 were in the construction industry
  • Four types of construction accidents (“the fatal four”) cause more than 50% of construction fatalities each year
  • Falls from heights accounted for more than 33% of construction deaths in 2018

When companies fail to take the proper precautions to prevent these unnecessary accidents, a construction accident lawyer is here to hold them responsible. You may be entitled to financial compensation for injuries or wrongful death. This is true, regardless of whether you are covered by workers’ compensation in Texas.

Stephens Law Firm, PLLC Handles All Weatherford, TX Construction Accidents

A Weatherford construction accident lawyer can help you get full compensation for your injuries. Stephens Law handles all types of construction accident cases, including:

  • Scaffolding falls
  • Building and roof collapse accidents
  • Crane accidents
  • Forklift accidents
  • Falls from ladders and roofs
  • Falling objects
  • Nail gun accidents
  • Fires and explosions
  • Electrical shock and electrocution
  • Welding accidents
  • Ironworking accidents
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Dumpster accidents
  • Cutting accidents
  • Workplace violence 
  • Motor vehicle accidents within the construction site, or traveling between construction sites

Many of these accidents can be prevented by following proper safety protocols. Unfortunately, companies often cut corners to save money and increase their profits at your expense. If you were hurt in a construction accident, an experienced lawyer can help seek fair compensation for your injuries. 

Common Types of Injuries Sustained in Construction Accidents

Construction accident injuries are often serious because of the nature of the construction site itself. Workers (and even bystanders) may come into contact with dangerous equipment and exposed utilities—and often work is done at dangerous heights. 

Some of the most commonly sustained injuries in Weatherford construction accidents include:

Some injury victims are lucky and recover quickly. Other injuries may take months or years to heal—and some may change your life forever. Getting fair compensation can be critical to making sure you can pay your bills while getting the medical care you need.

Attorney Jason Stephens is serious about getting justice for construction accident victims in Weatherford and across Texas. Call him anytime to schedule a 100% free consultation to discuss your case.

A Lawyer Investigates to Determine Who is Responsible for Your Weatherford, TX Construction Accident

The first step to getting fair compensation is discovering who caused your construction accident. Construction sites are complicated places. Often, many companies are working at the same time, each with a different set of duties. One careless mistake can land you in the hospital with serious injuries—which can sometimes prove catastrophic.

An accident attorney in Weatherford works with investigators and experts to get to the bottom of what caused your accident. Common causes of construction accidents may include:

  • OSHA safety violations
  • Lack of proper training or supervision
  • Defective equipment or tools
  • Lack of proper protective equipment
  • Poor communication
  • Improperly maintained equipment or tools

Construction accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. Injury victims often don’t know precisely what caused their accident. That’s where an experienced injury lawyer can help.

If you are not covered by Texas workers’ compensation, finding out who was responsible might be the only way to recover damages. An accident attorney has the experience needed to find out what happened in your case. Responsible parties might include:


The person in charge of an overall construction project usually contracts work out to subcontractors. A subcontractor is responsible for only a portion of the work on site. However, the subcontractor also has a duty to follow safety rules to keep everyone safe and can be held responsible for failure to do so.

Manufacturers of Defective Equipment

Some pieces of construction equipment are dangerous out of necessity. Defective equipment or heavy machinery creates an unnecessary risk of danger. The company that manufactured or designed the defective equipment can be held financially accountable for any injuries that result.

Property Owners and General Contractors

The company that owns the construction site also has responsibilities to workers on the site. Along with a general contractor, the property owner may be liable for:

  • Failure to provide adequate safety equipment
  • Failure to correct (or warn about) unreasonably dangerous conditions
  • Violations of OSHA and state labor laws

The property owner and general contractor usually stand to make a substantial profit once the project is finished. When they put your safety at risk, they can be held financially accountable.

Engineers or Architects

When a construction site includes structures, someone is in charge of ensuring that the design and structure are up to code–in other words, that they satisfy safety standards. Engineers and architects must generally conduct regular inspections to make sure the construction site is structurally safe. Failure to adhere to applicable rules can lead to serious accidents and injuries.

Seeking Compensation for Your Construction Accident Injuries

Construction workers have the greatest risk of getting seriously hurt in a construction accident. Unfortunately, not all employers in Texas are required to provide workers’ compensation coverage. If you are not covered or if a third party caused your accident, you might have the right to seek compensation via a personal injury lawsuit.

When Texas workers’ compensation is available, it provides compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • A portion of your lost wages
  • Burial benefits
  • Death benefits

However, many construction accident victims have the right to much more. If your employer does not provide workers’ compensation, your only recourse is to file a personal injury lawsuit. If a third-party was responsible, you can also hold them responsible for damages. 

An experienced lawyer at Stephens Law Firm, PLLC fights to get the most compensation possible for you. A fair damages award should provide financial compensation for:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Lost future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Permanent disability
  • Loss of your loved one’s company
  • Loss of your loved one’s financial support
  • PTSD and emotional distress

Insurance companies will usually try to settle your case for much less than it’s worth. After all, it is their job to look out for their own bottom line. An experienced construction accident lawyer in Weatherford can even the playing field.

Jason Stephen’s number one goal is to protect your interests. He fights to get the highest compensation award possible so that you can rest assured that both your past and future expenses will be covered. Section 16.003 of the Texas Code gives you only two years to file your personal injury claim, so call an experienced injury lawyer for a free case review today. 

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