Fort Worth Highway Crashes Lawyer

When you get onto a highway in the Fort Worth area, you expect to be able to reach your destination safely and efficiently. You do not expect to get into a car crash that causes you to sustain a severe injury and incur a mountain of medical bills. Unfortunately, this nightmare scenario happens to hundreds of people every single year.

Thankfully, if your accident was caused by the negligence or recklessness of another party, you may be entitled to compensation. To claim it, however, you will need the assistance of an experienced Fort Worth highways crashes lawyer, like those here at the Stephens Law Firm, PLLC.

How A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You Pursue Compensation After Your Highway Car Accident

At the Stephens Law Firm, PLLC, we are committed to providing the people of Fort Worth with high-quality legal representation. So, when you hire us to help you with your highway accident case, you can expect us to:

Provide You with Sound Legal Advice

As you work through your highway accident case, you will almost certainly have to make some tough decisions. If, when faced with these tricky scenarios, you can consistently make smart choices, you may be able to improve your odds of landing a sizable settlement check.

When you work with the team here at the Stephens Law Firm, PLLC, you won’t need to make any of these difficult decisions alone. Our experienced attorneys will be by your side to provide you with the advice you need to make the right calls time after time.

Handle Your Case’s Paperwork Load

The process of claiming compensation after a crash on a Fort Worth highway typically involves quite a lot of paperwork. An average case is likely to involve filing a lawsuit with the court, obtaining accident reports from the police, and requesting medical records from the hospital or clinic.

Fortunately, when you hire the Stephens Law Firm, PLLC, you won’t need to worry about the seemingly never ending list of administrative tasks that must be completed as part of your compensation claim. Our team of experienced attorneys and paralegals will handle it all on your behalf.

Negotiate with the Other Party’s Insurer on Your Behalf

To recover compensation for your highway accident injury, it may not be necessary to go to court. Instead, it might be possible to sit down with the other party’s insurer and hammer out a fair settlement deal.

The attorneys here at the Stephens Law Firm, PLLC, have been negotiating with insurance companies in the state of Texas for many years. As such, we understand what they need to see and hear before they can be convinced to offer more financially acceptable deals. When we represent you, we will work night and day to try to negotiate a fair settlement agreement on your behalf.

Would you like to have one of our car accident attorneys help you fight for some much-needed compensation? Then please contact us today to set up a free consultation at our law offices in Fort Worth, Texas.

How Do Highway Car Accidents Happen?

When cars, trucks, and SUVs travel at a high rate of speed on the highway, a serious accident can happen in an instant. These collisions are usually caused by one of the following five factors:

Distracted Driving

When a driver is sending a text message or changing the radio station, it is almost impossible for them to be fully focused on the road. As a result, distracted drivers often fail to notice changes in traffic speeds and patterns. This lack of awareness regularly causes them to collide with other vehicles.

Reckless Driving

Unfortunately, it is not unusual for Fort Worth drivers to carry out reckless maneuvers such as tailgating and changing lanes without indicating. These actions are illegal and frequently result in serious accidents. 

Drunk Driving

The presence of alcohol in a person’s system can severely impair their ability to drive. Drunk drivers often have significant trouble maintaining a steady speed, staying in their lane, and noticing other vehicles merging onto the highway. These impairments regularly result in serious car crashes.


On most highways in the state of Texas, the speed limit is set at somewhere between 65 MPH and 85 MPH. Unfortunately, it is not unusual to see drivers traveling along these thoroughfares at speeds in excess of 100 MPH. Their speeding makes it challenging for them to react to obstacles ahead – an issue that invariably leads to accidents.

Inclement Weather Conditions

When the rain starts to fall and the roads begin to get wet, the number of accidents that occur on Fort Worth’s highways increases significantly. This uptick is largely caused by the fact that slippery roads make it more difficult for drivers to bring their vehicle to a stop when they notice an obstacle ahead.

Poor Road Conditions

The highways in the state of Texas are not always very well maintained. In many places, they are awash with potholes and dangerous bumps. When a driver hits one of these obstacles, they can easily lose control of their car and collide with another vehicle.

Have you been involved in a motor vehicle collision on a highway in Fort Worth? If so, please do not hesitate to reach out to the personal injury claims attorneys here at the Stephens Law Firm, PLLC. We would love to meet with you to learn more about your case.

What Injuries Do Highway Accident Victims Typically Sustain?

People who are involved in rear-end or head-on collisions on Fort Worth’s highways can sustain a wide range of different injuries. Some of these injuries are relatively minor, and the accident victim can make a full recovery in a matter of days or weeks. However, many highway injuries are much more severe – often leaving impacted individuals with long-term health issues.

A brief list of some of the injuries that are most frequently tied to highway crashes would include:

If you have recently been injured on a state or federal highway and need a Fort Worth car accident attorney to help you fight for compensation, you are in the right place. The team here at the Stephens Law Firm, PLLC, has the skill and experience needed to handle your case. When you are ready to begin the legal process, just give us a call or contact us online.

How Much Compensation Do Highway Crash Victims in Texas Usually Receive?

The amount of compensation doled out to individuals who are injured in highway accidents in the state of Texas can vary significantly from one case to the next. In most instances, however, the size of the settlement check is closely tied to the severity of the victim’s injury and the extent of the damage to their vehicle.

When the attorneys here at the Stephens Law Firm, PLLC, represent people who have been injured in highway crashes, we typically attempt to recover compensation for damages such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Ongoing care costs
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish

Would you like to have a Fort Worth car accident lawyer review your case and let you know how much it is likely to be worth? Then please contact the team here at the Stephens Law Firm, PLLC, as soon as possible. We are always ready, willing, and able to assist.

How Long Do I have to File A Highway Accident Compensation Claim in Texas?

The state of Texas has a two-year statute of limitations on almost all personal injury compensation claims. As such, an individual who is injured in a crash on a Fort Worth highway will generally need to file suit against the responsible party within two years of the date that their accident occurred.

This general rule works a little differently for people who do not discover the full extent of their injuries until weeks or months after their accident, however. Instead of needing to begin the legal process within two years of the date their accident happened, they are instead granted the right to file suit until two years after the day their injury was diagnosed.

The auto accident lawyers here at the Stephens Law Firm, PLLC, have been helping the people of Fort Worth to file their lawsuits on time for many years. If you would like to have us assist you with your case, just give us a call or contact us online.

A Fort Worth Highway Crashes Lawyer You Can Count On

When the residents of Fort Worth need an attorney to help them fight for compensation after an accident on a state or federal highway, they know that they can depend on the team here at the Stephens Law Firm, PLLC. Our knowledge of the law and experience in the legal field gives us the ability to handle even the most complex cases. To learn more about our services or set up an initial consultation with one of our lawyers, just pick up the phone and give us a call.