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Criminal Charges vs. Civil Charges Related to a Car Crash

Manslaughter is described in the Texas Penal Code as recklessly causing another person’s death.  Manslaughter, according to the statute, is a felony of the second degree in Texas. If convicted of manslaughter, a defendant could face from two to 20 years in prison and a potential fine of $10,000. Other penalties could be imposed depending… read more

Wrongful Death Claims Involving Children

The loss of a child is unimaginable. The pain and suffering can be overwhelming. Many parents are in shock at first, and then they are angry that their child was taken from them in a preventable accident. A wrongful death occurs when another party causes the death of a person through negligence, errors, or wrongdoing…. read more

Wrongful Death Claims for Passengers in Car Accidents

Many factors could be involved in a single-car crash, such as: A hit-and-run driver or the actions of another motorist Excess speed or reckless driving Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs Failing to obey traffic laws Passenger interference or negligence Road debris or problems with visibility Defective automobile parts or systems Weather conditions… read more

How Long Does a Personal Injury Lawsuit Take to Settle

Personal injury claims arise when one person suffers an injury because of another person’s negligent or intentional actions. The length of time it takes to reach a settlement depends on many moving parts over the life of the case.  Experienced attorneys understand that when you are injured in a car accident or slip and fall,… read more

Texas Car and Booster Seat Laws

A mom in North Texas lived through a nightmare accident that claimed the life of her fiancé and severely injured her and her two children under the age of six. Both children were badly injured, but thanks to a community program that she had recently attended, they were both properly restrained and survived the crash…. read more

COVID-19 Outbreak Reported at Fort Worth Federal Medical Prison

Within two days, confirmed cases of coronavirus at the Federal Medical Center-Carswell in Fort Worth went from 200 cases to 510 cases. Just three weeks ago, the prison reported just three confirmed COVID-19 cases. Federal Medical Center-Carswell houses female inmates who have mental health issues or medical issues. There are currently 1,357 prisoners at the… read more

Fort Worth Teen Survives Lightning Strike in Florida

In a tragic accident, a Fort Worth teen was struck by lightning while on a family vacation in Florida. According to reporting by 5 NBCDFW, 14-year-old Jacob Brewer was on a family vacation in Florida when the incident occurred. The North Texas family was visiting the beach in Siesta Key when a sudden storm moved… read more

Man Killed When Car Crashes into Light Pole on Dallas Street, Flips Over, Police Say

On Thursday, July 23, 2020, 35-year-old Abraham Arcos lost his life in a tragic car accident in the 9200 block of Garland Road in Dallas. According to reports, Mr. Arcos lost control of his vehicle as he passed another vehicle. The vehicle crashed into a light pole before it flipped and landed upside down. Mr…. read more

Two College Students Killed in Palo Pinto County Crash on US 281

A tragic car accident on July 10, 2020, took the lives of two college students at Trinity University. Officials at Trinity University confirmed that 20-year-old Rebekah Wendt and 19-year-old Tyler Colvin were the two students killed in the traffic accident. The accident happened about 65 miles west of Fort Worth in Palo Pinto County. The… read more

Fort Worth Woman Dies After Being Found In Wrecked Vehicle On Interstate 30

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, police discovered a woman in a wrecked vehicle on Interstate 30 on July 15, 2020. Law enforcement officers identified the woman as 36-year-old Elizabeth Martinez-Ramos of Fort Worth. She was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.  The Tarrant County medical examiner had not made… read more