FedEx and UPS Truck Accidents in Fort Worth, TX

FedEx and UPS Truck Accidents Lawyer in Fort Worth, TX

Have you recently been involved in a commercial truck accident with a FedEx or UPS delivery vehicle? Contact or call Stephens Law at (817) 420-7000 for immediately got assistance. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and distress. Our Fort Worth FedEx and UPS truck accident lawyers can help you seek damages to account for all of your losses and suffering.

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How Our Fort Worth Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help After a Crash With a FedEx or UPS Delivery Vehicle

How Our Fort Worth Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help After a Crash With a FedEx or UPS Delivery Vehicle

Truck accidents can be complicated, especially when a delivery vehicle is involved. Is the delivery driver at fault? What about a negligent third party? Can you sue the delivery service, or are they off-limits? What happens if someone tries to blame you?

You don’t have to tackle these questions on your own. Contact Fort Worth truck accident attorney Jason Stephens and benefit from his more than two decades of legal experience handling tough cases like yours.

When you choose Stephens Law, you allow yourself to get better from your devastating commercial truck accident injuries.

While you do that, Attorney Jason Stephens will:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation into your UPS or FedEx truck accident
  • Determine why the truck accident happened and who may be at fault
  • Gather critical pieces of evidence, including maintenance logs, accident reports, inspection reports, driver communications, black box recordings, and witness statements
  • Defend against claims that you share fault or are responsible for the UPS or FedEx truck accident
  • Negotiate with insurance companies and at fall parties on your behalf to get you the best possible terms in a settlement
  • Prepare to bring your case to trial if you aren’t offered a fair deal

Attorney Jason Stephens works on contingency. This means you pay absolutely nothing to get him in your corner unless and until he wins your case.

There’s no risk in asking Stephens Law for help. Give his law office serving Fort Worth, TX, call to schedule your free case evaluation now.

How Common Are FedEx and UPS Truck Accidents?

United Parcel Service (UPS) has more than 127,000 drivers on the road. In the two-year period between June 2020 and June 2022, UPS vehicles were involved in a total of 2948 traffic accidents. Of those, 1,078 caused injuries, and another 76 were fatal.

Between FedEx Ground and FedEx Express, the company employs well over 165,000 drivers. In the two-year period between June 2020 and June 2022, FedEx delivery vans and vehicles were involved in no fewer than 3,186 car accidents. A total of 1,042 wrecks resulted in injuries, while another 86 resulted in wrongful death.

In an average year, there are more than 6,000 FedEx and UPS delivery truck accidents on roads across the United States. That’s about 8-9 crashes a day. Many of these occur in urban parts of the county, like Fort Worth, Texas.

What Causes Most UPS and FedEx Truck Accidents in Fort Worth?

Many FedEx and UPS accidents happen because drivers are negligent.

Some common causes include:

Negligent hiring on behalf of UPS and FedEx, inadequate vehicle maintenance, vehicle defects, and bad weather can also contribute to auto accidents involving FedEx and UPS vans and trucks.

Can I Sue FedEx or UPS After an Accident?

It depends. UPS ground drivers are typically employees of the parcel service. This means UPS can be vicariously liable for the negligent actions of its drivers. In other words, you might be able to file a lawsuit against UPS if you get hurt because one of its drivers is negligent.

FedEx drivers, on the other hand, are typically classified by the company as independent contractors. As a result, FedEx may or may not be liable for the negligence of its drivers.

However, keep in mind that both companies have insurance coverage for the costs of accidents involving their drivers. So, even though you may or may not have a claim against the delivery service itself, you are likely covered by their massive auto insurance policies.

FedEx and UPS have seemingly endless resources and will be prepared if you attempt to hold them accountable for an accident. You’ll want to level the playing field by hiring an attorney with experience and resources to match. Contact Stephens Law to discuss your case and legal options today.

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