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What Is an Ambulance Chaser?

If you have heard the term “ambulance chaser,” you may be wondering what it means. Most people believe that an ambulance chaser is a personal injury attorney who goes from accident scene to accident scene trying to convince victims to hire their firm to represent them.  Another term for this practice is called case running,… read more

10 Worst Celebrity Car Accidents

Celebrities capture the public’s attention but not always because of their on-screen acting or performance on the playing field. Like any other person, celebrities are susceptible to injuries, including those sustained in a car crash. Despite the popular perception of celebrities as people who engage in needlessly reckless behavior, not all car accidents involving celebrities… read more

Is There a Truck Driver Shortage in Texas

Texas leads the nation in the number of truck drivers it employs, with nearly 200,000 truckers calling Texas home. However, there is a nationwide truck driver shortage, and Texas is no exception. Experts estimate that there is a national shortage of about 80,000 truck operators, which is projected to increase to 160,000 by the end… read more

How Does the Insurance Claims Process Work in Texas?

If you suffered a personal injury (a broken leg in a slip-and-fall accident, for example), your compensation will most likely come from an insurance company. As such, it really matters how long it will take the insurance company to respond to your claim. To promptly resolve your claim, you need to know your rights against… read more

Are Commercial Truck Drivers Required To Take a Drug Test After an Accident in Fort Worth?

Unfortunately, truck drivers take drugs and then get behind the wheel of what essentially becomes an 80,000-pound weapon. Drugged truck drivers cause horrific accidents that result in deaths and catastrophic injuries for innocent victims. Many people are surprised to learn that a commercial truck driver might not always be required to take a drug test… read more

How Long After a Car Accident Can You File a Police Report in Texas?

After a car accident in Texas, it is easy to overlook things you need to do. Between reporting the crash to your insurance company and trying to make arrangements for a rental car, you might forget to report a minor car accident to the police. In this blog post, our Fort Worth car accident lawyers… read more

What Are the Current Regulations in Fort Worth for E-Scooters?

E-scooters are popular in Fort Worth. Unfortunately, e-scooter accidents can cause devastating injuries for riders and others involved in the collision. Therefore, the State of Texas and cities like Fort Worth have enacted regulations and laws to help make e-scooters safer to use around the city. What Is an E-Scooter? E-scooters are defined by Texas… read more

What Are the Dangers of Running a Red Light in Fort Worth?

It’s late at night. You think you are the only car on the road, and you come across a red light. You’ve had a long night, and you can’t wait to get home. How bad could running one red light really be? Running a red light – even if you think no one else is… read more

Are Helmets Required for Motorcyclists by Law in Texas?

Technically, motorcycle helmets are required by law in Texas. However, two major exceptions mean that a good majority of Texas bikers probably aren’t obligated to wear a helmet while riding a bike.  Before you leave your motorcycle helmet at home, you should make sure you’re legally exempt from these requirements. It’s also a good idea… read more

What Should I Do After a Truck Accident Outside the State of Texas?

Many people travel out of Texas for vacation, business, or other reasons. If you cover significant miles, you’re bound to share the road with commercial trucks. Unfortunately, thousands of truck accidents occur in the United States each year.  It is estimated that almost 523,800 large trucks were involved in traffic accidents in 2021. That year,… read more