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Window Tint Laws in Texas

The year 2009 saw the implementation of Texas’s first window tinting laws. These laws require anyone who manufactures window tinting film to have it certified before selling it. Consequently, all motorists are required to purchase certified film. If that comes as a surprise to you, you can learn more about window tint laws in Texas… read more

How Long Should I Wait Before Going to a Chiropractor in Fort Worth?

After a car accident, the first thing you should do is get to safety, making sure to follow the rules of the road. It may be a good idea to seek medical attention as well. Even if you’re not in pain, going to a doctor gives you a chance to receive treatment and provides doctors… read more

What To Do if a Dog Attacks You: Understanding Your Legal Rights

Millions of dog bites occur every year in the United States alone. A significant percentage of these dog bite victims end up in the hospital, and a few end up in the morgue. Texas law holds owners responsible for injuries caused by their dogs, subject to certain conditions. Actions To Take Immediately After the Attack… read more

Fort Worth Personal Injury Settlements: Myths Vs. Reality

If you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, you deserve to be fairly compensated. But what is fair compensation?  A Fort Worth personal injury lawyer can review the circumstances surrounding your case and give you a better idea about the potential value of your claim. We can also give you a clear picture of… read more

When Is Passing on the Right Permitted in Texas?     

The Texas Transportation Code instructs drivers to pass slower-moving vehicles on the left, keeping a safe distance between the cars before and after passing, and moving back into the right lane only after the passing driver has clearly passed the other vehicle.  Drivers are not permitted to cross into the left side of the roadway… read more

How Common Are Car Accidents Due to Eating While Driving in Texas?

Eating while driving constitutes a form of distracted driving. In the United States, distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car-related fatalities. A recent survey found that 56.7% of Americans admitted they eat while behind the wheel. That’s over half of those polled! In Texas, eating while driving is not specifically against the… read more

Can I Get a Concussion Without Hitting My Head?

Concussions are common after a head blow, but can one occur without a strike to the head? The answer is yes, but without a head blow, a specific type of force must occur to cause a concussion. Understanding Concussions A concussion occurs when the brain impacts the inside of the skull, causing trauma. As such,… read more

What Happens if I Was Hit by a U-Haul Truck With No Insurance in Fort Worth? Who Is Liable?

U-Haul rents various equipment, including trucks, vans, and trailers. Even though some of the vehicles are especially large in stature, you do not need special training or a commercial truck license to rent and drive a U-Haul truck. Unfortunately, most people do not have any experience driving a large moving truck.  These vehicles can be… read more

What is the Personal Injury Claims Process in Texas?

The days and weeks after an accident can be overwhelming. You may have unexpected medical expenses, unforeseen lost wages while you recover, and pain and suffering that interferes with daily tasks. The thought of filing a personal injury claim may seem like too much.  However, a personal injury claim may be the only way to… read more

Is It Possible To File a Claim Without a Police Report in Fort Worth?

Thousands of car accidents occur each year in Fort Worth. In 2021, there were 14,679 traffic accidents, including 119 fatal crashes. Many of those crashes involved property damage only or minor injuries, but others were much more serious. The Texas Transportation Code requires that drivers immediately report traffic accidents when the accident involves injury or… read more