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I Was Arrested in Fort Worth, TX, for DUI While Riding My Bicycle – How Can that Be?

Texas does not release official counts of drunk bicycling accidents. But the state did record a total of 2,170 bicycle crashes in 2021. Unlike many states, Texas does not have a law that prohibits bicycling under the influence of drugs or alcohol. But Texas does have a very broad DUI statute. This statute arguably covers… read more

3 Types of Product Liability Claims You Need To Know About

When you purchase a product, you expect that it’ll be safe. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and products may contain defects that render them unsafe. When a defective product causes consumers harm, they may be able to file a product liability claim.  Continue reading to learn more about the types of product liability claims… read more

Basic Fort Worth Personal Injury Settlement Breakdown: How Much Goes in My Pocket?

When you meet with a Fort Worth personal injury attorney, a question you might ask is, “How much money will I receive for my personal injury case?” However, what you really want to know is how much money you will put in your pocket from a personal injury settlement.  Many factors affect the net value… read more

Top 6 Telltale Signs You Hired a Bad Lawyer and How to Avoid It in the Future

Did you know that there are over one million lawyers in the U.S.? It’s likely that with that many lawyers, some of them simply aren’t good at their jobs. Whether you’re facing criminal charges, need help with a DUI, or were in a car accident, if you suspect you have a bad lawyer, replace them… read more

What Age Can a Child Ride on the Back of a Motorcycle in Texas?

Riding on a motorcycle is thrilling for just about anyone. For kids, seeing a cool bike, going fast, and enjoying the warm Texas sunshine may seem like the perfect way to get around Fort Worth.  Before you offer a ride to your child, niece, nephew, or another minor under 18, you need to know a… read more

Understanding Assumption of Risk

Assumption of the risk is one of many defenses that a defendant might assert to deny liability for a personal injury claim that you file against them. It is an “affirmative defense”, meaning that it is the defendant, not you, who bears the burden of proving all of the legal elements that make up the… read more

Why Do Truck Drivers Falsify Log Books?

The main reason a truck driver falsifies the log books is to make more money. Many drivers are paid by the mile or by the load. Therefore, the faster they cover those miles and deliver those loads, the more money they earn.  Furthermore, truck drivers may need to wait several hours for loading and unloading… read more

How to Find Out If Someone Has Car Insurance in Fort Worth, TX

Texas uses a fault-based insurance system. After a car accident in Texas, the driver who caused the crash bears liability for all of the resulting damages. Since Texas requires all car owners to carry liability insurance, these claims go to the insurer for the at-fault driver. If the insurer agrees that its insured caused the… read more

How to Make a Police Report After a Car Accident in Fort Worth, TX

Texas law was changed five years ago to eliminate the need to self-report minor car accidents. The only type of accident report that the Texas Department of Transportation (DOT) requires and keeps now is police crash reports. After an accident, you have several legal obligations. These obligations depend on the nature and severity of your… read more

What Does Bar Stand for in the Bar Exam or Bar Association?

The “bar” in bar exam or bar association is not an acronym. The origin of the term bar derives from the physical layout of a courtroom. A wood rail separates court observers from the judge, jury, lawyers, and parties in a courtroom. This wooden bar has come to symbolize the law. The bar also refers… read more